Drinking and Back Pain

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by d.loring, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Two days ago I went out with some friends for a few rounds of drinks. We had a good time. Nothing extravagant.

    The next morning I woke up utterly destroyed. I did NOT work that hard to feel that awful. I only had a few beers, not the entirety of the pub. Most worrying is the back pain I feel in my lower left kidney region...

    It was a constant ache yesterday, and today has subsided into a dull throb, with only a few spikes.

    Anyone else ever experience this? And if so, how did you fix yourself?? This is awful.
  2. Clearly you are weak and require more alcohol!
  3. The problem is rather than tap the keg and drink from glasses you are clearly lifting the keg to your mouth, it will do your health no good keg lifting, much like shirt lifting.
  4. Might warrent a trip to the Med Cen....
  5. I had those exact same symptoms once..

    48 hours later I died horribly.
  6. Perhaps whinging about it here was enough to cure me. Haven't had a spike in a while and the ache is nearly gone. I am now cheerily enjoying a beer and watching the Olympics.

    Or, perhaps I will be dead tomorrow.
  7. It happens every now and again, ( Used to happen to me every now and again), its basically your body saying take it easy on me for a few days.
    Try not drinking for a few day and drink lots of water to flush ya system out, and you should be ok.
  8. Thanks. Definitely drank a ton of water today.
  9. I was once told that mysterious backpain can sometimes be caused by kidney stones. If you have been drinking maybe it puts a strain on your kidneys and increases the pain?

    Just a thought, might want to get that looked into as I dont fancy having kidney stones any longer than necessary!

  10. Your kidneys can ache if you make them work too hard filtering crap out of your blood-steam, and into your piss.

    Too much booze
    Not enough water (especially before/during/after the booze)
    A salty meaty take-away at some-point in the proceedings. (Protein usually a good thing, but it does take water to digest it; Salt is usually a bad thing although it can be yummy)
  11. You might want to get a liver function test to make sure, though. I kept ignoring pain like that and ended up in hospital with buttercup-yellow eyes, green skin and a liver like a burned-out forklift tyre. Saw it on a scan once and if it was served up with onion gravy the place would be closed by health inspectors.
  12. Yes. I remeber that story. How horrible that was...stupid of her, and stupid of the radio station...geesh.
    Try not to drink so much water. Have a glass an hour, you have the whole day to drink 8 glasses of water. Don't force yourself to drink it all at once. I hate water, and I'm lucky if I get 8 glasses a day. Your kidneys are trying to tell you something.

    Ovarian Cysts No More
  13. It is obviously not a liver issue it is in fact that the pain in the back is from your so called mates rattling you around the car park after the obvious rihypnol (do appologise to those that use this stuff for the incorrect spelling) get some yourself seek revenge!