Drinking alone in public.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CURFCno5, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Currently sat in the pub waiting for my mates to turn. Im early and feel uncomfortable drinking alone. At what age does it become accepted to beer alone without looking like a predatory sex offender and/or a hopeless alcoholic. Im 23 by the way.
  2. 23, drinking alone, you should have said.
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  3. Im male, I hasten to add.
  4. So is Jarrod.....he likes men
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  5. Now you've done it.
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  6. Oh well I'd not want to let you down so you can suck me off and I'll impale you later.
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  7. Well I think there's a hint in there ;-)
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  8. Id shit on your dick.
  9. You little tease.
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  10. Your only making it worse......
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  11. He might even buy you a bag of chips, if you're lucky.
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  12. They aren't cheap these days.
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  13. A post coital hug should suffice.
  14. I see you want to be a donkey walloper as well, don't tell Jarrod what pub you are feeling a bit lonely in.
  15. Good chap, you've pulled xxx