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Heard one of those tips that brought on a "Why didn't I think of that?" moment and so assumed there must be loads more like it out there. So I'll post it here if you'll all post similar in return. It is of course, purely for theoretical research :wink:

Tip no. 1:

Instead of slicing a fresh lemon for G&T (with inevitable result that 2 or 3 weeks later the remains of the lemon has transformed to a small furry creature lurking at the back of the fridge -

Get 1 x lemon. Cut into slices. Freeze the slices. Every time you have a G&T (or anything else requiring lemon) drop in the frozen slice. Also cools the drink without diluting it; quality.
Cut the lemon in half

Pour G & T into pint glass

Put both halves of the lemon into the glass

Drink, quickly

Keep the empty glass close to you, if the said G & T makes an unwelcome return it also doubles as a handy sick bucket
Pretty obvious tip this one.

Tip 2. When opening a bottle of port to ensure it doesn't get contaminated by aromas and flavours of other bottles of spirits whilst being stored.

Don't store it just drink the lot at one sitting.
I am a noveau riche poseur who prefers lime in his G&T, in the manner Americain.

My tip is when throwing a soiree use a half-decent cava in lieu of champagne when creating cocktails. An Aussie dry brut for a fiver, a splash of brandy and some bitters...lovely! Only the scary wine snobs will taste the difference, so don't invite them.

Left-over red wine? Freeze it in ice cubes a la Abacus' suggestion, then use them for cooking. Genius.

Tip 3.

Get rid of any leftover Lager, baileys and G&T is to drink the Ladyboy (Alan Partridge style!):

Pour a pint of lager, a double Baileys and a double G & T. Drink one one at a time or sip each for the feeling of a party in your stomach (once you get used to it, it is fine!

Tip 4.

Never open booze you cannot finish in one sitting.

Tip 5.

If you have a pain anywhere in your body, do tequilla shots a different way. Get the salt, lemon and tequilla and do the following:

1. Sniff the salt;
2. Drink the tequilla and
3. Squeeze the lemon into your eye.

Pain gone from the rest of your body, it will just rest in your eyes and up your nose!

(Actually, this is sounding a little like Viz top tips now!
If this is for the wiki then I suppose the time-honoured squaddie favourite is...

Take one fairly full pub ashtray;

Take on pished squaddie;

Add the slops from any nearby unfinished pints to ashtray;

Dare squaddie to drink it;

Watch and enjoy, retreating to safe vom-radius.

The Cement Mixer

Give someone a shot of lime, get them to down in one

Then pass them a shot of Baileys, get them to down that too.

Stand back and watch it curdle
I am a noveau riche poseur who prefers lime in his G&T, in the manner Americain.
:D I dont normally like to pidgeon-hole myself, but ditto.

As for Moodys preference for an entire lemon in her G&T, that explains why she's such a sour-faced old cow. :lol:

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