Drink Driving

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Cook, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Bad night last night and got stopped for drink driving. I know it is my fault but only had three halfs and thought i would be ok. Showed up as 41 which was one to many. Any any advice to the possible punishment from the army. I am terrified now that i could be dismissed which would be my ultimate nightmare.
  2. Mmmm not the best night for you, are you Driver Trade or need a licence for your job?
  3. No not a driver trade. Only been in six months.
  4. You should be burnt alive... on the parade square.... in front of the Regiment.... as they sing a little ditty.

    However, I am sure you are remorseful for being so fcuking stupid, so we'll calm the recriminations.

    Now to business. You probably will get some sort of punishment. Can't say for sure what you will get, but here is an example. This guy isn't a driver by trade either.

    A lad I know was similarly "only" just above the limit and received a 6 month ban for starters (from the civpol), a 3 year promotion ban and a 3 month bender. As a brucie bonus he was going on tour to fill a slot one rank higher, he would have received the extra rank and money, instead they sent him out as is to do the same job.
  5. So are you still a Phase 2 or have you just got to your unit?

    Not the best start to your career but there we go! I am by no means an expert but - if you are not Driver Trade and don't need a licence for your trade then I think you can probably expect a number of interviews without coffee and AGAI action.

    But as I said I am no expert - each case is dealt with on it's own merits and the outcome could/can/will probably take into account:

    Whether D&D is classed as a Prevalent Offence (do they still exist?)
    Your conduct to date
    Your CoCs attitude to D&D

    Report the incident to your CoC as soon as you get back to camp - not forgetting to check the train timings to get you back there in plenty of time . . .
  6. good start :x

    i very much doubt you will be dismissed, going by the amount of lads we have had done for it, dont know any that were kicked out, do know one who was a full screw about to be promoted (in 92) he never got that promotion and left after 22 years last year still a full screw.
  7. Well, you are going to lose your licence for at least 15 months.

    12 if you attend an alcohol rehabilitation programme.

    £600 fine or thereabouts.

    Lose all respect from your peers and superiors and be forever known as "that drink driving twat"

    What your CO does is down to him.

    Not a very good start is it?

    Oh and if you classed as a young or new driver you will be required to retake the driving test.

    Happy christmas.
  8. Thanks for the replys at least it looks like i will not be dismissed. Will i be tried in the civi court or by the military?
  9. Civvy, then you have to inform the CoC of the outcome
  10. Civilian magistrates court, hence the bans and fines.

    They will notify you of a date. You WILL get a ban so dont take your car!

    Ensure that you report this incident as soon as you get back to work. Although, if you told the plod that you were serving they may well have already informed the Orderley Officer at your unit.

    Do not try and blag it.

    And dont try pleading any mitigating circumstances to the court, there are none when it comes to D and D.
  11. See if you can get someone to vouch for your good character, etc. If there is anyway of reducing the ban (ie lessons on not drinking and driving) go for it.

    Bad news is, you'll have to admit this each time you renew your insurance for 5 years from when you get your licence back (if it is taken).
  12. And the endorsement stays on your lincence for 11 years!

    Talk about Stigma!
  13. Phone the guardroom, inform them of the incident and make sure they note it in the DOB. That makes sure your CofC is aware. Speak to your Tp/Pl stripey when you get back from leave.

    You'll probably lose your licence etc, etc as already mentioned. Then you'll get something from the Army too - if you're lucky it'll just be AGAI 67, if not then it could be as bad as the CO wants it to be. It's very, very unlikely you'll get chucked out though.

    If possible, take an officer to speak for you in court - I read somewhere not long ago that sentences are on average much lower when an officer has spoken for you in court.
  14. Its a mandatory ban of 12 months. You wont get lower than this.
  15. Is it? Fair enough, still worth a try though - even if all it does is reduce the number of paydays you need to clear the fine.