Drink Driving

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by babiesarm, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. One of my blokes was breathalysed by the police the other night, he was standing near his car after having driven home. His interior light was still on in the car and the cops asked if it was his car and they gave him the breath test. He passed the test even though he had partaken in a couple of beers.

    After a bit of discussion the question I have is this:

    If he was over the limit and drove home, was then approached by the police and legged it into his house and quaffed half a bottle of vodka what could the cops do to prove he was pis*ed at the time of driving??

    I reckon that they would blood test him and then back track the results to prove he was drunk whilst driving? Probably an unlikely event, do any of you know the answer??

    Might be one for you Manchester Monkey.
  2. You are more than entitled to have the discussion. However, drink drivers are cnuts and should be treated as such.
  3. Quite agree with Mr_C_Hinecap, there should be only one rule when it comes to this subject and that is:

    If you drink, don't drive. Zero tollerance is the only way forward.
  4. Stick this one in the legal forum I think!

    All boils down to his level at that moment. Even after quaffing a bottle of vodka, time taken to get into circulation will be a few minutes. So if a blood sample is taken he will be over the limit. All it comes down to is his word against Coppers(I think!).
  5. I am not supporting drink driving, I am simply attempting to answer a question which has arisen from a discussion about drink driving.

    Hopefully the answer will be as I suspect and then I will be able to pass the message back to my blokes and reiterate the the point that drinking and driving is for cnuts as you put it MCH.
  6. Blood sample wouldn't work cops can't take it so the quaffing a half-bottle would work. If hr did that any blood teat could be thrown put of courst so..
  7. Reminds me of the joke about the car crash....

    Drivers get out to exchange insurance details. One is a quite shaken businessman, the other is a much calmer priest.

    Priest pulls out a hip flask and says to the driver, "my son, a wee drop of this will steady your nerves". The driver takes a gulp, sighs and says "Thanks Father, will you not partake yourself?"

    Watching the approach of the blue flashing lights, the priest says "I don't think so".
  8. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Yes they can and will back track on how much alcohol was in your system whilst driving. They do have the ability to do this with a blood test now. If you refuse a blood sample it's still an automatic 1 year ban.
  9. Not much i guess, though they would take a dim view on him legging it from them, and they would have grabbed him before he got in his house and had chance to drink more, if he did leg it.

    If they can't prove it, and good kicking in the back of the van wouldn't go a miss.
  10. I know of a policeman who was able to use his knowledge of the law to get out of something very similar. No one was able to prove anything so officially he got off with it. Unofficially he has some very important people watching his every move and just waiting until they can get him for something else.

    I'm not as hard line as some people who post here, some say it's against the law, some say it's against the rules, quite frankly it's just bloody stupid. Zero tolerance is just about right, so let's not give anyone any ideas about how to get away with it.
  11. hardline? I thought ARRSE was quite PC, actually.... :wink:

    Roll on the EU, those cnuts!

  12. This is called the "hip flask defence". What action the police could take would depend on the exact circumstances that led to the police stopping you in the first instance.

    However once you had been arrested the custody officer could decide to make a requirement to produce blood for back calculation. This would be taken by a doctor and analysied at a laboratory to produce an estimate of your blood alcohol level at the time of the offence. Its not often done and is expensive. It tends to be reserved for serious RTA's etc . To refuse to provide the specimen without reasonable excuse is a seperate offence.

  13. This is not about giving someone ideas of how to get away with it, it is about educating people that you cannot get away with it, that the law has loopholes covered and whatever you attempt will not work.

    Trotsky, thank you for your answer.
  14. Well, that is a bit of bollocks really - what if you could get away with it? You yourself didn't know - thus you asking, so what if we would have come back saying 'the police would be screwed'?

    A better defense would have been to use the tried and tested '**** off' maneuver.
  15. That was not the case, so there is no problem.

    I suspected that the police would have had a situation like this covered, just like I intimated in my initial post. I asked the question in an attempt to confirm what I already suspected.

    The question has also been posed to more official sources. (If you can get more official than ARRSE).