Drink Driving

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fusdavetucker, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Back in 2006 I was charged and placed on a four year promotion ban for drink driving. Fair enough, I was in the wrong and was punished accordingly by the CO.

    Here's what I don't understand.My next door neighbour, same CORPS (different unit) same rank, commited the same crime and got exactly the same punishment at court, had no mitigating circumstances (was just a fcukwit like me), had no action taken against him and had it pretty much swept under the carpet by his CO. He's been promoted and is progressing through his career just fine. Why?

    I'm clearly being discriminated?? Is there anything i can do? If I was on civvy street Id of been in touch with asolicitor by now.
  2. Having had to clear up after drunk driving accidents I feel that you both have been discriminated against. You should have both got 10 years and banned from driving for life.

    Stop whining and manup.
  3. Same this, same that doesn't mean you get, or should expect to get, the same punishment. The ALS would have advised each CO before you both went in on a range of options and it's down the CO to choose which one you get/got. Your options for redress have now expired.
    Think yourself lucky (1) you & your neighbour didn't cause anyone any injury & (2) in the current climate of filtering 'wheat-&-chaff' you've both still got a job.
  4. AGAI action is at the discretion of the CoFC. There is guidance, but not a tariff for awards to be given. In other words, two Commanding Officers and two Brigade Commanders can take a quite different take on the same crime. So, in summary man up, the other guy was lucky, you got the recommended admin action.
  5. ********* for D&D
  6. Birch drink drivers. 20 lashes and banned for life. Jobs jobbed.

    No excuses, no pity.
  7. This has to be a wah surely? No-one in their right mind would firstly admit to D&D and secondly complain at being allowed to soldier on.

    20 lashes is too little. You're scum fella and you need locking up. Now man up and do the honourable thing by clicking that little DII mouse and submit your NTT so that someone with a sense of right and wrong can join in your place...
  8. firstly, you should of been hoofed out of the forces.
    secondiy. shut your moaning. your actions could of resulted in destroying other peoples lives. your head shed should of preesesd for your discharge as a warning to other jack,halfwits. life isnt fair esp when reasponsable pep who dont d and d get inj or killed by morans who dont give a fcuk. crall back under your stone,be gratefull you breath the same air as me, and stop crying because you feel hard done by..........

    sorry mods if you feel i ,am mad. but i, we, us ,are at this sort of bone thread
  9. I sense there is a lot of self righteous "by the grace of God" people commenting - yes wrong, yes punishable, yes foolish - but not the first and certainly not the last.

    Too many bods have been killed but some still dont and never will get the message.

    Some cant help it - part of being human

    Be careful what you wish for you fuckwit
  10. p.s i would of marched you out in front of all the parade, all ranks, with a sign round your neck saying what you had done.human rites? you lost them the moment you got in your car , half cut. you and your co,hort are a disgrace to the uniform i wear with pride.
  11. I've seen plenty of drink driving cases and kept a few cadavers company to preserve the continuity of evidence, but fir play, the lad asks a reasonable question. Why the apparent inconsistency in sentencing? The answer, my friend is that your face didn't fit so well as his, but as unfair as that might seem, look at the positives. You still have a job and despite the set back, you can still make good. Some of the best blokes I met in the mob were those who made mistakes as younger men. Learn from it and you'll be right.
  12. There are plenty of people on this net who could honestly say they've done it (and got away with it)

    Take the hit and dont winge - learn the lesson (as I am sure many have)

    You're not the first and wont be the last - count yourself lucky and can it. The consequences could have been A LOT worse :rmp:
  13. I've just had 2 D & D cases in my Plt. Policy now is major AGAI action because of the Civil Conviction. Both cases it was a letter of censure. THe bare minimum that the CO could give. 1 was an arse the other a decent lad.
    Letter of censure is a Regt'l Entry, what was.
  14. Decent lads don't do D&D.
    They are all Aarseholes & there is no place in the Army for ANYONE convicted of it.

    Not interested in your excuses.

    Dishonourable Discharge is the way forward for those that insist on being cnuts & doing it! :x
  15. hear hear. i like your noise