drink driving

from Ireland where drink driving is a sporting event.
Last night in Donegal the police were watching everyone clear the pub after a late night session, and observed one chap in particular reeling out of the pub barely able to stand,he then proceeded to try his key in 5 different cars before managing to open his,
after managing to switch on the wipers and blow the horn a few times he eventually started the car and kangarooed out of the car park on to the main road,
at this point the police leapt into action and pulled him over and breathalysed him, the police officer was amazed to find no trace of alcohol and said to the driver you,ll have to come for a urine test..to which the driver said it will be a waste of time, why? said the officer, the driver said because I,m tonights duty-decoy.
I think I 1st heard that joke back in 1982.

I've just taken up cage fighting, and won my 1st fight.........fcuking budgie never knew what hit him.
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