drink driving

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by speedybham, May 4, 2009.

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  1. help him into the drivers seat and point him in the right direction

  2. let him carry on and get back to the bar

  3. the direct action approach, get his keys off him using force

  1. i decided on the direct action and ended up giving a good mate a going over and kinda got carried away, but i was sober!

    standing by for some interesting replys :wink:
  2. i might need to buy him a new jacket before that happens :roll:
  3. Make him suck on some copper coins, so if plod do pull him over the copper will neutralize the alcohol in his breath. A man in a pub told me this so it must be true.
    Also tell him to drive as fast as he can that way he will be on the road for a shorter time and therefore be less likely to have an accident.
  4. Just head over with a bottle/crate in hand, I sure he forgive you!
    ..........And if that doesn't work offer him the opportunity of doing the same to you in some future situation. :lol:
  5. You do realise that Engineers regularly have competitions with ‘how many copper coins can you fit inside your foreskin’ :twisted:
  6. So he get a decent salt intake into the deal, even better.

    Whats the record for 2ps?
  7. My action isn't there - which is second category plus phone the police (leaves the road clear for when I want to drive back)
  8. Ask him for a lift via the offy.
  9. Help him back to his car, ring plod when he drives off and when he gets arrested go over and fuc k his wife.
  10. Nick him under section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872, then the feds can't get him for Section 4 of the Road traffic Act 1988
  11. Judo Chop him on the nose and remind him if he drives off you will burn his house down.

    No excuse for it!
  12. How is his butt hole now? :twisted:

    Only mackerel at the moment no bass :x