Drink Driving.....Insurance?

Right, I know there are other threads on here about peoples experiences of Drink Driving, on both sides, as well as how stupid it is. I know this, and those many Arrsers who have fallen foul of the law in this regard also know it.

I thought I would start this thread, as I now have my license back and am looking to buy a little car (something for £500-£1000). My question is, do any Arrsers who have previous DR10 etc. convictions have any advice or information about getting the best insurance deals?


If you can drive home after a skinfull, then you're clearly a very safe driver, and should therefore be entitled to cheaper insurance.

Tell your insurance company that I said so, and you'll get a discount.
You'll just have to do like everyone else and shop around. If you take your last premium and add about £2000,it should soften the blow.
I suggest that you don't bother with any insurance, if you get stopped then speak with a foreign accent - as I understand this works for all the immigrant toe-rags on our roads at the moment. If that does not work, 'hone' the foreign tongue and accuse the police of racism.

If all else fails the fine will be cheaper than the insurance anyway :)
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