Drink Driving in Tornado...


An RAF Pilot has been grounded after hitting a lamppost at 600mph in his Jaguar attack jet.

The wing clipped the airbase light at 54ft after the pilot, from RAF Cottishall, Norfolk, decided on a low-flying run after completing a week of training.

The collision happened at a coastal base near Akrotiri in Cyprus.

According to reports in The Sun, the pilot wrestled control of the jet after the incident, headed out to sea before returning to the base and "slamming" the plane on the runway.

RAF police have impounded the £25m plane and the pilot has been grounded pending an investigation.

He now faces an official reprimand and court martial, which could cost him his wings.

According to reports, the pilot was cleared by the control tower to make a pass of the base, but was ordered not to go below 200ft.

The collision is understood to have ripped off the tip of the wing containing navigational lighting and wiring. Repairs could cost as much as £2m.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that an investigation has been launched.

One too many G&T's before dispersal? :wink: :oops:
I reckon if he pays for the repairs and is prepared to forego next years no claims bonus he should be alright!!! :D
He'll get a slap on the wrist, a small fine and a blot in his copy book..... then carry on flying and earn lots of drinks in mess bars, wearing his flying suit even though he's just driven there. I don't want to generalize but RAF pilots.... they are all the same.
As usual, the media talk utter poppyc ock!

Jaguar doing 600 mph?? I very much doubt it, unless it was being towed by Lightning!

£25M?? And £2m worth of damage?? That must mean the light on the airfield was worth £1.9M then.

Donkeys bottom holes, the media, one and all!
Well of course Flash, why should they let the truth get in the way of a good story? :roll:
2 Mill Repair job 8O ,drop it round my gaff ,1500 quid ill fix the fruggin lamp post as well and throw in a set of furry dice (cash only mind :twisted: )

Mr Happy

Given the state of the budget they'll probably let him keep his wings because it costs so much to train him and they'll promote him up the line in order to ensure that he doesn't fly again.
planning on scrapping jaguar arent they anyway so guess thats one less pilot not getting a euro fighter to play with
If what the RAF grapevine is saying is true, he won't be the only pilot without a sharp, pointy, fast-flying, shiny thing before long. Surplus steely-eyed Sky Gods! Who'd have believed it? This time the Few really are going to get fewer.
I'd have thought with the rush to scrap the Mighty Sexy Jaguar Fleet, old Buff would write him up for a DFC
PartTimePongo said:
I'd have thought with the rush to scrap the Mighty Sexy Jaguar Fleet, old Buff would write him up for a DFC
DFC....As in Dangerous Flying Cnut, perhaps? :D
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