Drink Driving ban causing big problems....need advice plz

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by leegriggs, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. Ok, so the crack is...i suffered a drink driving and driving without insurance (actualy had insurance but because my local police station never sent the certificate off to the court i was charged for this also..) ban in june '06, last year i applied for the RAF but after about 3 month into the recruitment process they decided to terminate my application and i would have to re-apply after the 5yr rehab period, so instead i decided i wanted to join the army, upon visiting my local aico i was told i need to obtain a memorandum of convictions, this is gona set me back £120 and with no guarentee of of being accpted even after this..i was hoping someone might no what chances i have of being able to join up once i get this memorandum of convictions...
  2. Guess what sunshine, if you were drunk then you weren't insured; your insurer will almost definitely exclude it.

    It's not a huge issue, so long as you're up-front about it and you're not still subject to a ban or other restrictions, but you'd be best off talking to the AFCO staff about this as they can explain the rules concerning rehabilitation of offenders and when the conviction will become spent.
  3. Standby for the outrage recruitment team :)
  5. so the crack is.....
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  6. Like it or not you will have to get this document if asked, you application will proceed no further until you do. Yes you may get knocked down, there is only one way to find out.
  7. i understand drink driving is prbably one of the most fowned upon things in the army, especially before you have even applied...but you cant tell me that there isnt one person in the army without a driving conviction in the previous 5 years...

  8. yes me :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  9. Surly with the current over manning they would tell you to go do one.....
  10. leegriggs,

    The Army is really well off recruitment -wise just now. So much so, that there's moves afoot IN the Army to hoof people out who can't pass basic tests/ aren't fit to deploy. The downside of this for people joining up is that the recruiters can pick and choose the very best of applicants. I don't have the knowledge to say whether you'll get in or not but as was posted above, you can find out from a recruiter.

    If you really want to get in you should probably jump through all the hoops they ask you to.

    Hope this helps and goodluck.
  11. thats what im afraid of...but if the army is currently overmanned why are they currently advertising for recruitment?
  12. Thanks bluntslane..i think the only option i have is to get the documents and see what they say, could be a really expensive 'no' tho :/
  13. You never turn off the tap, just decide which dribbles to let in. If you turn off completely (as found in certain regiments in the past) you cannot then turn it on quick enough when you need it.

    Being in the Army and then getting convicted of a driving offence is different to getting into the army with an existing offence. Get the certificate, show you're a changed man and never meant it. good luck.
  14. Might even try going TA, doing a Tour and prove yourself that way? Best you don't go for a trade that involves driving though :lol: