Drink binge mother left 4 children

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Moobe, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. 4 kids by 3 fathers all the kids under 4 years old

    Obviously a fine role model for young mothers, not.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What a cnut!
  3. Think the judge is a wnaker in this case as he was so lenient it won't matter a fcuk to this woman, I feel sorry for the g/parents in a way as they are having to start again with 4 children under 4 years old, I wonder what support they're getting from Social services.?.
  4. She was never going to go to jail. I would say get banged up but she obviously has had some experience of that. Mothers are untouchable in court, I know after being back to court on four occasions after my ex has broken the access agreement no less than 46 times.

    Yet I have the CSA threatening me at every turn with Passport and/or Driving Licence removal or even a curfew and ultimately jail, all because I am disputing their claim of £88 of arrears and am refusing to pay it until I get a detailed explanation of how they came to that conclusion.

    Wonder what would have happened had the father left those kids instead of the mother.
  5. How right you are my friend, the law is still very biased against men, if you'd broken the access agreement they would have handed your kids back to your ex, sorry to tell you something you already know, you can't win.
  6. People like that should be sterilised......just another money grabbing drain on an already overburdened system!!

    Guaranteed, she will turn up on some trash morning chat show, telling everyone how hard up she is and how difficult her life is, that it wasn't her fault that she left the kids and it's the system that failed her!!
  7. Sorry, they can't be sterilised as that's an " Assualt ", you can't even insist on a child having a blood test for the same reason, even if the mother has aids, the whole system is flawed.

  8. One more reason why I make sure I keep passports in both my nationalities… :wink:
  9. Soem people should just not be allowed to breed. Why can't we deport loosers anymore.
  10. For the same reason we can't deport illiterate cocktards like your chavvy self. Cut from the same cloth I think, or is that the same Kappa tracksuit...?

  11. Oooooh 'ark at her!
  12. Don't worry. The grandparents are both in their early thirties.

    May I refer you to the recent case of Baby P.
  13. Early thirties? They can't be that old surely :?