Drink and driving in France

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gadgwah, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Just having a discussion and SWMBO Says that if I get done here in France, I will also lose my UK ONE.
    Anyone know if this is true?
  2. Only one way to find out.
  3. I will make an assumption as your question is not very clear. My assumption is you hold a UK EU style licence.

    That being the case and you are driving with excess alcohol of ≥ 0.8 g/l in blood sample then you are open to 2 years imprisonment, a fine up to 4,500€ and a driving ban of 3 years. Your licence will be returned to the issuing authority for them to add any further sanctions they deem appropriate. Recently an Italian driver killed a pedestrian in Haute-Savoie whilst having a blood/alcohol reading of 2.92g/l and traveling at almost 300kmh. He was jailed for 9 years, fined 400,000€ and banned for life.

    Today there is an electronic data exchange network which enables national authorities to identify drivers from other EU Member States.
  4. I seem to recall some talk of extending driving bans throughout the EU but I don't think it's in yet.

    Had a quick Google and found this:

    Drink Driving Limits in Europe
  5. That is not the way I wanted to find out!
  6. The WEFA queen of google has spoken. No point in any more additional posts

    "Just ask yourself, what would EMSAV recommend..."
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  7. That's how I thought it worked as to be banned in UK as well seems like double jeopardy.
    but SWMBO knows best.
  8. In his defence, he may have believed he was killing you, you boring, rotten-cunted bag of sceptic detritus.
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  9. You trying to chat her up? You old charmer, she's yours, you win.

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  10. If you mean km/h that's over 180mph. What we he driving? An Italian tank in reverse?
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  11. I thought it was compulsory.
  12. UK doesn't participate in the data exchange.

    You won't get speeding tickets from France either, unless you're stopped by the Gendarmes.
  13. It certainly used to be, I know a fair few people in the Vendee region who have gone through hedges etc only for a nice french plod to come along, chuckle and pull their car out with a small contribution to the widows and orphans fund.
  14. Break ups are never easy big guy . We're here for you
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  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    There are some caveats, assuming you got your Frog license using your UK one.

    I recently picked up a month ban in Germany and sent them a UK license, a quick check revealed that although I have "spare" licenses in other countries, if I had an accident or got pulled on a serious offense license validity could be verified EU wide. Bottom line - insurance would be invalid due to a license being invalid. So I sucked it up as I got injured while I was thinking about what to do anyway.

    If you get pulled for D&D or a serious motoring offense [one of] your license will be confiscated, so you could blag a cursory check or on the spot speeding fine with a "spare", but if you put yourself/passenger/innocent third party in a wheelchair for life, you'll likely be paying for it for life.....
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