Drilling begins in Portsmouth for arrival of Navy's latest carriers

Ministry of Defence said:
The next step in preparing Portsmouth Naval Base to be the home of the biggest warships ever built for the Royal Navy began last week.

Didn't Prince Charles say that the HMS PoW should be called the Ark Royal instead?
I seem to remember a Yank carrier having to anchor offshore in the early 80s because it was too big to get into Pompey.
I had a similar problem with a rat I picked up in Johanna's




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I assume the drilling is needed to get through the layer of discarded plates and cutlery 'lost' over the side by every gangway watch since time began.
Oh I know, Naval Yard with new deeper access will be sold for a knockdown price.
Luc Vigneron has already made an offer for it


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& if BAE Systems pull out, what then for Pompey?BAE Systems mulls Portsmouth closure - TelegraphOh I know, Naval Yard with new deeper access will be sold for a knockdown price.
Don't believe everything you read in the papers. HMNB Portsmouth is not owned by BAE but they manage the maintenance contracts for the ships. They can't close that down as they have a contract for which they're liable. And it makes money for them. The bit they're denying intending to close (for which read "gone by May") is the shipbuilding parts that they bought from VT. It's fundamentally the papers not understanding the differnce between a dockyard - great big area for putting and fixing ships - and a shipyard - slightly smaller place (these days) for making ships. BAE's shipyard sits inside Portsmouth Dockyard.


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Actually I think it's BAe rattling its collecting tin in the hope that Govt will hear.

As to the big USN carriers, they always anchor off in Spithead when visiting.

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