Drilling 2mm stainless steel

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Spacehopper383, May 2, 2013.

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  1. I am trying to drill 4 x 5mm holes in 2mm stainless steel and have already drilled through with a 1mm drill and enlarged it up to 2.5mm. But when I have tried to enlarge it even more the drills just don't do a thing. I am using HSS drills and a 18V rechargeable drill.
    Any advice on what I'm doing wrong.
  2. Making sure you're not being a spastic, you are not using hammer action are you?
  3. Making sure you're not being a spastic, you havent reversed the rotation of the drill have you?
  4. Stainless is a bugger to drill...... try clamping a piece of mild steel underneath it, redrill through to 2.5, then try again with the 5mm drill
  5. I've just checked and still have my certificate that says I'm not a spastic, although the red balloon it is tied to looks a bit deflated and the ice cream is long gone.
    No to hammer and no to reversed rotation.
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  6. You need to use a Tungsten Carbide Tipped drill (TCT) and drill slowly.
  7. Breathing.
  8. 5.56 ap?
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  9. 20130417_135501.jpg

    This is what I'm drilling into, I've already done the door which was no problem as I assume it was mild steel, but I am now drilling into the left hand side so I can install a hasp and staple.
  10. Go an buy a new drillbit specially for that one off,using drill bits out of a set are usually shyte and not fit for purpose,cordless drill is a bit iffy in the strength dept too,a good tip is to dip the drillbit in parafin it aids cutting..**** knows how but it does.
    if the above doesn't work? ..one shot with an SLR.
  11. Joking aside, you need the right drill bit. As OF says parafin or a light oil does work on SS. I only know this because I've seen it in a production workshop drilling SS.
  12. Its all down to speeds and feed. If you try to drill through s/steel at to fast a speed (rotational) and use too much pressure, you will work harden the metal. If the metal appears "burnt or blue coloured, then this will denote that it has become work hardened.
    Drill steadily and with plenty of lubrication.
  13. A new cobalt drill bit would be better for the job.

  14. FFS he wants a hole in the fitting not the f'ing wall demolishing, I would suggest a round from an SA80 would be ideal, but it would just bounce of and possibly give someone a nasty bruise
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  15. Fair enough! I never really thought that through did I?
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