Drilled into his head?

Before I describe this latest nutbar to walk the earth, I got to ask, what perverted, money grubbing quacks of the medical profession would even consider performing these operations?... oh, wait.. question anwered.

ahem: Intoducing!! Dennis Avner!!
aka: Stalking Cat, aka Catman [ not, apparently, Raving Looney ]

47 years old.. for the past 25 years he has been having his body ' modified '..and has lost count of the cosmetic procedures and surgeries performed so that he can ' achieve oneness' with his personal totem, the Tiger.

This computer technician [ betterbe bloody good at his job ]..hass had his teeth removed and replaced with tiger-like dentures and fangs, had his upper lip slit to resemble a cat, had six stainless steel mounts implanted on his forehead and 18 piercings above his lip so that he can ' attach ' whiskers, has had brow and nose implants to produce a feline appearance and has the tips of his ears pointed...

he's going to have his fingernails ' modified ' and wants to have a tail implanted [ electronically controlled so it can ' swish ' , but hasn't been able to get the design quite right so far ]..

Can't wait for the fur implant...

dunno why he just doesn't have his brain transplanted into a cat and be done with it.
Looking for one.. article originated with the Seattle Times
I bet he's a real hit with the ladies!

I'd like to "modify" the silly fat fcuk with a claw hammer.
Do you think he s**ts in a tray?
Idiots like this give idiots a bad name. More proof that the human race as lost it..... Put him in a circus where he belongs so those who wish to can pay and stare. I wouldn't, so why would I want to see some idiot like that walking the streets? Some poor buggers are stared at even though it's a problem of birth and they can't help it. He can and he should be put down!

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