Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by darkside47, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. I have been posted to the marines, and I had to go in front of the regt to get my LSGC from the CO, after doing the drill and the gym stopped vibrating after slamming my tabs in, one of the Marine WO asked why does the Army "stamp our feet"?

    All I can find out is that the stamping didn't come in untill 1920. Does anyone know why we do it.
  2. It's another great way of doing something pointless that may injure you.

    In my first week attached to the Marines I slammed me heels together and flipped a nice salute to the AO who just looked at me with a rather odd look on his face and asked; "What ya doing?" Me; "Er, saluting you sir." AO; "We don't normally bother with that too much round here - chill out - Welcome aboard and enjoy!"

    I try to keep to the same drill standards being back with the normal army. :)
  3. Good question, if we didnt do drill we would look like meandering civilians. Drill is taught and is a very deliberate way of moving, having everybody doing the same thing in time looks good too.

    For RM and Navy probably sumfing to do with being on wooden boats, and captains sleeping etc
  4. To initiate discipline aswell, i'll have to have a think :?
  5. I once enquired on a Guards-oriented site when the arm went from wist-high to shoulder-high. No-one could remember the year, but agreed there must have been a decision and some re-education.

    Furthermore, Tweeds weren't creased in earlier days.

    How long after Broderick Cap did slashed peaks come in ?.

    So, Old 'n Bold (in general), your earliest memories ....... although I don'yt expect an answer to the slashed peaks bit.
  6. It's to enable you to move as an individual, or within a body of men, in a smart, soldierlike aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand uniform manner!