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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by junior_RLC, Nov 7, 2003.

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  1. iv had a B a s t a r d chest infection all week and iv been coughing my guts up. now its given me a soar throat and its fuc ked my drill voice up and i cant shout loud! any tips to get it better for sunday because i have to take the parade for rememberence!
  2. You could always stop talking shite?
  3. Kestrel.
  4. Try some honey and lemon juice mixed with hot water. This is a sensible one.

    Or try Rum and lemon or lime juice. This is the preferred option as if it doesn't work, you'll be too p***ed to care!
  5. Locketts.
  6. Nip down to your local B&Q and ask them if they have a new voice for your drill 8O
  7. Oooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  8. Maybe. But then again maybe not.
  9. And I don't want you coming back all tanked up tonight, with your kebab and talking dirty to me. I'm not easy you know!
  10. Instead of using crayons , why not try a pen. that way when you chew it you wont be able to swallow it. And your throat may just be ok.
  11. port, works every time.
  12. Port. Can't be beat. Except possibly by Islay whisky in large quantity, however you'd need to be a man for this, not a wee wullie winkie.
  13. cheers for that. il have be drinking copious ammounts of beer in the ligion club after the parade.
  14. so, how'd it go?
  15. Port is the confirmed Grand daddy of all voice cures. From completely hoarse to full on shouty screamy in an instant. Luvverly!!

    Also you could try Chloroseptic spray from the chemist. It contains an anaesthetic so you throat goes completely numb (as proved by extremely loud Welsh bird on the advert!).