Drill, shouting and all things parade ground..


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March of the Gladiators ... or

The Gladiator ... or

Entry of the Gladiators .... or

The Gladiators Farewell .... or

Five Gladiators go mad in the Coliseum .. or
Five Go Mad at the Gladiators in the Coliseum?

Isn't that by Blyton?
The Huns and Goths, though, did not recognise Rome, so all their roads led to ‘Umleitung’.
Is that along Einbahn Str heading towards Ausfahrt?

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In "The Regiment", the BBC's look at 1 RGJ in the 70s, the CO says exactly this - there may appear to be a relaxation of discipline but in fact all riflemen are trusted to perform their duties to a high standard & woe betide them if not...
Big boys rules . . .

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Now, as I've readily conceded, I'm just ever so slightly biased towards a more practical and quicker method of moving a body of bods on the hoof between A & B.

Isn't it time that the entire army adopted LtDiv drill? Maybe consign the foot stamping shite to the ceremonial for those that like wearing scarlet and a big fook off carnivor skin on their swede.

So, LtDiv drill for the every day and for those regts and corps that feel the need to retain it, stampy, shouty stuff for the tourists. Now that's a move forward.
Omnivore actually... As an aside my hometown of Prince George BC was the provider of most of those skins.
Northern Rhodesia? A favorite aunt of mine did a stint as a nurse in Mufulira in the 1950s.
In the '50s we had family members in the Gold Coast, Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, South Africa, and Kenya - wonderful times visiting each other.
At one time a chap could fly all over Africa and never leave the Empire as one seriously gifted souse found out as he never had to show a passport

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