Drill queery

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by coogan93, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Could somebody please give a deffonition on how many men are in a detail and how many in a squad please. Also am i correct in saying that a squad is 10 or more as you would never march in a box?

    Cheers in advance guys.
  2. Great question, glad you asked. A detail is a group of soldiers assigned to a specific task (eg, picking up litter), whereas a Squad is a sub-unit led by a NCO and subordinate to a Platoon (in the British Army we tend to call this a 'Section'). Hope that helps.

    Incidentally, we don't march in boxes as it can get claustrophobic and requires ventilation and lighting. Much better to use a drill square or similar.
  3. funny... i was meaning on the drill square. detail is something like under 9 men and squad over 9 men. something along the lines of that. as for the box you know what i ment dont be an arse :).
  4. Under or over 9 men?? has no bearing on a detail or a squad. Read the answer! "Detail - a group detailed to a task (could be 25 or 5 its still a detail)!

  5. Can see the logic of "detail = detailed to do something," but would you really address two blokes as "squad"?

    But maybe the other two answers came from depot drill instructors, in which case I sit corrected ;-)
  6. gunner, i understand that and all ready knew that. I was meaning when taking drill the precautionary word of command. If you are only drilling say 4 people is it still squad? I thought if it was less that 9 it was detail.
  7. "Queery"--Freudian slip?
  8. Detail = file
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