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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by polar69, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Right a quick question for all you drill experts out there

    Imagine you are in a squad of perhaps 12 men.

    You have a visit from a high ranking officer type and he is handing out gongs and awards like its VE day all over again.

    Imagine if you will that your name has been called, your little heart has jumped a couple of inches and now your pulse is racing.

    The problem now is how to leave the squad and return after collecting the award

    This is the way I was taught, way back when.

    Come to attention.
    Right turn.
    March smartly behind the rank you are in, not swinging the arms ( unless you are a really skinny **** )
    March to the front, halt, salute, collect gong, shaky shaky, salute, right turn.

    Return to the squad

    March smartly to the left of the squad, make your way down to your place.
    Left turn

    Thank god you didnt slip and make a right tit of yourself.

    Thats what I was taught. What I usually see is chaps and chappesses coming out in the same way but returning to the right of the squad. Or even worse if they are on the front rank - marching straight out and collecting then straight back in again

    What is the correct by the book way ?
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Get excused drill chit from RMO and ask them to post it to you.
  3. You'd be in the open order so swinging arms is a must. If its tea and medals then general snodgrass should really come to you to pin it on you. When ever i've seen mass presentations of proper awards (fancy medals, MIDs ect) the select few were formed in single file in front on the Bn/Coy. Save men marching into each other and making one giant cake and arrse party
  4. When said name is called

    Remain Still and silent

    When said name is called out again

    Remain Still and silent

    When they move on to the next name immeadiately shout at the top of you voice like your life depended on it:


    You are then required to:

    Come to attention making sure you scrape the sole of the right boot down the shin of the left thus over balancing you and making you fall over..

    You are then required to:

    March 3 paces forward thus nudging the person to your front then:

    Right Incline and march at 240 paces per minute straight through the squad making sure you hit as many squad members with your flailing arms as possible.

    Ensure at this point once you clear the squad and are well on the way to your halting position you adopt the Tick Tock Marching method.

    Approximately 10 metres away from your halting position or awaiting VIP whichever closer you are to halt making sure you scream out "Halt Check 1, 2. ensuring you give it as the heel of the right boot is striking the ground thus enabling you to take two or three check shuffles not check paces.

    At this stage you are to ensure that before you do anything else you must check your dress and perhaps go back and pick up any items you may have dropped like medals or more importantly your peak cap.

    Once you have repositioned yourself you are to salute in a smart and soldier like manner ensuring as you salute the right arm is simply raised to the 12 oclock position with the palm of the hand facing directly toward the awaiting VIP. It is now very very very important at the same time to call out BAAAAARRRRR.

    At this stage upon the VIP shaking your hand you are to grasp his hand with your left hand you must make sure the grasp is as hard as it can be with a very vigarous upward and downward action. Think of it as you are trying to topple his peak cap off his head.

    At this stage you will now enter Idle chit chat mode, you must upon being spoken to and before the end of the sentence shout at the top of your voice "Sir Yes Sir" making sure to produce spit bubbles and spittle spray.

    Upon given the order to fall back into the squad you are to remain still and silent

    Upon being retold to fall back into the squad or being prodded by the RSM's pace stick you are to remain still and silent.

    After you are satisfied that events have carried perhaps 5-10 mins onward you are to come to attention salute with the left hand this time in a american style ensuring that the left arm with the wrist cocked toward the head is raised to the 12 oclock position. Once this position is achieved flick the fingers toward the vip shouting 2 3 up to 3 down "Swing".

    You must now Slow march back to your original position ensuring you at the same time attempt to swing your arms and take the long route around the whole of the drill / parade square before smashing your way through the squad again to retake your position.

    Hope this helps Good Luck
  5. Gmonster - your descriptive advice had me spiulling tears of suppressed laughtervinto my keyboard. I can see what you describe. I think I may have seen what you describe. If I laughed out loud there is no-one around me who would understand.
  6. I Thankyou...
  7. Yes Gmonster - I was in stiches!!!!!
  8. Gmonster. That was fantastic!!!!!!!! Tea all over me laptop.
  9. Bang your reebok classics together, tictoc over with arms splayed out at 45 degress. Hop, skip and a jump, bang in said 'classics' and throw up your bestest rimmer!
  10. <cough> So can I assume no one knows then ??
  11. I to know what G monster is talking about, I believe it is called the baby deer affect.
  12. I thought that if you were formed as a squad in open order, you had to come to attention, take one step forward (if in the front rank) then a right turn. If in the rear rank, come to attention then take one pace back before doing a right turn. With the opposite drills performed when you return....finishing when you sort your dressing out. But it has been a while since I did basic, JMQC, commissioning course, junior officer courses or any course where drill is included.
  13. Listen pal ever heard the question...
    "Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer...

    As far as i am concerned having completed and i might add thoroughly enjoyed the drill courses being dished out at the "All Arms Drinking Wing. There is no right or wrong way.
  14. OK Polar I'm gonna give you the definitive answer - or at least the way it is done by those who do drill all the time:

    This is pretty much it to a tee. However, and you will have to check this with your unit, when you are called you normally shout Sir as you come to attention. If you are in the front rank you turn to the right (or do nothing if in the Grenadier guards - you turn to face the way you intend to go as opposed to the normal right turn everyone else does) and march forward (not behind the front rank). If in any other rank you march to the front of the rank you are in - and you definately swing both of your arms (the Parade should be in the open order - if they're not then you just hit things with your arms....hey ho!

    The rest is correct....

    Upon returning to your position - you THEN march behind the rank you are in before halting in your original position whilst trying to keep the dressing in order. Note that there are no turns to be made upon returning to your position - you just march into it and halt.

    Hope I've been of help. Shout if you need anything else.
  15. GMonster very funny but how funny if someone actually done it, that would take alot of boll***** ha ha ha