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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by KNAGGSY, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Morning all

    Has/Do any other units have issuses with the number of unit members turning up to Drill Nights? Juniors and Seniors!

    Most Drill nights at my Unit its full screws and recurits !!!!

    Also my unit is now implimenting Minimum Manning Nights (not at any time to be called Standown! (Training officer! dont like it called that))

    How and when are the old smokes that do turn up actually ment to get any training and how do the new bods get to learn anything ?

    Rant/Winge over!

  2. You have full screws at your TAC? Blimey!
  3. A what now?
  4. We average between 40 - 50 people on a typical drill night, with 20 or so those being recruits.
  5. You have recruits?!?

    Christ, my place is always top heavy...
  6. We have a good mix turning up at ours! There are also quite a few new recruits as well as people that have been there since the dawn of time!
  7. We go from 20 to 4 or 5 then back up!
  8. we seem to get quite a few rcts, they seem to stick around for the initial 'TAFs' weekends until they attempt to run the mile and a half. thats when they realise that theyve got problems with their knees (load of bolloc*s), then they tend to leave. as for amount of people parading, were supposed to be the biggest sqn in the regt with amount signed on... do we ever see them?! do we heck! i rekon the most ive seen parade is about 40 and thats out of atleast 100! its mental! im sure people sign up for the green kit, well they must do! as for training... thats a joke too, whats the point in having a training programme which gets chucked out of the window at the very last minute so the night just turns into a gin-gan-gooley! woah what a rant! i feel much better now!
  9. Our troop is extremely bottom heavy. Our normal turnout is 2-3 Signallers, 2-3 Sergeants and about 10 recruits. We have no JNCOs on our books and as triplesix said we have a training program which seems to go to the dogs at the drop of a hat. But apart from that all is good on a Tuesday night!
  10. Good to know its not (Or Not Good if you follow) only my unit !! what you get in for a weekend ?
  11. OK, this isn't entended to be a dig but maybe the unit in question should ask why people aren't turning in instead of placing an (I am led to believe) illegal system of forcing people to turn up.

    Also if its Seniors not turning in then perhaps conversations without tea and biscuits are in order.
  12. we are a little top heapy with seniors, but we have a good mix and a strong sub unit
  13. Fuck me. I've never seen those sort of numbers. What type of unit are you?
  14. 40 guys on parade is normal, last night we had a little more than that, and thats after the normal annual camp backlash. We have a very strong recruiting team, and at the moment our retention remains pretty good. We are part of 106 royal artillery.
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Trained soldiers or including recruits?