Drill nights

Just wondering when everyone trains?

Me: Tuesday 8-10
Tuesday - 7.30 - 10.00

19.30- 22.00 Regimental time of course :)
how much effect does a football match (eg champions league) have your drill night attendance?


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Us: Tuesdays, 2000 - 2200.  In the past, been at Units which had Weds or Thurs.  We have 2 Coys + HQ 2000 - 2200, aqnd one 1930 - 2130.  That causes probs, obviously :)

As to footie matches - not much difference, unless it's an England match, and then we knock it on the head early and get more money across the bar.  Much more important for us is what sort of training is going on.  We do Trade, Trade, Military, Fitness, each month.  Any spare drills are Trade.  Some people appear for Trade only, some for all, some very rarely indeed ;D
My old unit used to do Wednesday 1930 to 2130. We did PT for 1/2 9 out of 10 nights! PSI felt it was not worthwhile carring out any training on the nights so he decided to beast us. Still had good attendance though......
ooooops it is 21.30

And if the the PTI is going for Snr.Brecon/Selection 22.00

Or a Junior Officer is lost on a local orienteering exercise 22.30

Or I have to bring a lanny back from HQ, which some Lord and Master decided was best placed to serve all the amalgamated Cap badges, by placing it like a gazillion miles away up the busiest motorway stretch in the UK, 22.00-22.30 :)
Hang on a minute Pongo my man!!!!!!! I seem to recall you lot denying the existence of the 'drill night' several months ago when i was taking the p*ss  ;D ;D
Appreciate that you attend during the week, but how often do you attend monthly (weekends and so on).  My understanding is that your minimum attendance should be two weeknights per month and 1 weekend.  Do your lads/chicks adhere to this?  is there scope for extra attendance and like us regulars.............do you have a lot of skivers who you can't get rid of?


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OK, for M_S, TA Basic 101.

1.  It's really a 'Training Period', but still unicersally known as a Drill Night, cos that's presumably what people used to do.

2.  Attendance:  we are limited by £££ to around 35-45 MTDs (Man Training Days - nicely sexist) a year, although some Units get more, some less, and it depends on how Land Command divvy up the dosh to Divs, then how Divs divvy to Bdes, etc.  Camp = 15 days, leaving 20 for everything else.  So, that's either 8 weekends, or 80 'drill nights' (2 1/2 days for a w/end, 1/4 day for a 'drill'.)

3.  Minimum reqt is 27 days a year, and some slackers do just that - camp + 12 days.  that's not nearly enough to be trained, but it's all we get money for.  Most 'serious' (we do try) do one or two w/ends, plus every drill.   We rely on the slackers not attending to subsidise the keen ones (bit like how the rationing system worked, before PAYD).  It's quite possible to do 70, 80, 90 or more days a year.  I do around 80 in this post, and before have often done 100 days in Uniform a year.  That cerainly compares well with many slackers at HQs, MoD establishments, etc., who may wear CS95, but sit on the arrses all day.

4. Skivers we can't get rid of?  Depends.  Their money is useful (see above), and TA annual turnover is that high (has been at 30% on average for over 40 years!) that there really aren't that many deliberately held on to.  That said, I do know of cases where people were deliberately kept on the books when a nasty round of cutting was mentioned ("Can't close down Farnham, we're fully recruited" - so why only 12 on parade then?).

5.  conclusion:  as everywhere, there is not enough money, but years of penny-pinching means we do things as efficiently as possible.  Also, if we are given more money for MTDs, many guys just can't use it.  Very few work 9-5 mon to Fri these days.  If you work 1 weekend in 3 anyway, getting away for TA is not that easy.  As it is, we have been 'given' an extra 5 MTDs for Civil contingency Reaction Farce training next year - trouble is, we're already booked for every other weekend!  
we do Tues, 1930 to 2130 although I'm bugggered if I can remember the last time I got away before 2300!!!!

in answer to Ma I personally attend just about every trg weekend and I've missed about 5 trg nights in 3 years.  Last year I did 112 days and I'm not going to even start talking about how pi$$ed off I am that I missed out on 12 days paid leave by 5 days  :'(

( to those who can't work out that one, I would get 12 days pay without having to attend, I wouldn't have to try to convice my employer I was off on holiday and the TA were paying for it as one of my Spr's thought!!)
One of my old regiments trained on Tuesday night and had the unpaid PT/.22 shooting night on the Thursday.  Worked well

My last regiment has their training night on Thursdays, which is a bit of a pain as, if there is a weekend on with a Friday night start, you are out on Thursday, late home - normally straight out from work on the Friday and only see the family Sunday afternoon.

Difficult to move a Regiment's training evening but I wonder if it might increase attendance.

However, I am out of drill nights now, as a shiny-arrse staff officer for a couple of years !

Who defines on which night units train? How often to days/times change?

I find 8-10 too late, I would much rather have 7-9 and come straight from work.


Problem is various TACs are shared with other units who have them on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Wouold be difficult to share.  Oddly enough, no other unit trains on a Thursday !

Normal hours are 19.30 to 21.30 (in theory).

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