Drill nights infantry

What does everyone in their units usually get up to on a drill night, what training goes on... Also is there training on a weekend EVERY month..

1930hrs till 2000hrs gay sex 2000hrs till 2130hrs drinking, 2130hrs till late more drinking then home to beat up the wife, why do you ask?
Dont forget to fill in the shell scrape -H&S!
Oh dear, What have I just volunteered for lol.

Going through application to join 2 royal Irish and am
Just curious as to what is involved on training nights these days, is it stand about and chat then bar like my dad said he witnessed at a few of his sisters TA nights. Or will I be getting to do proper training, that the infantry actually do lol.

The infantry actually do lol? I wish we did lol.
I'm a ex reg and have just joined the infantry Ta, it's not to bad bit of sucking eggs and thumbs up arse but there is training in infantry skills as well and yes it's up to the bar at 21:30 if you want. Other than that it's ok.

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