Drill Night Training Plans

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Merlin745, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm after some advice on the structure of training on Drill nights, for the most part I intend to run two seperate streams (those waiting for class 3 course and those working on their class 2). I've not seen this done before, has anyone done it. I imagine I could run into resource problems (no instructors) and at times be running lessons for very few soldiers.

    Also I intend to build up a list of lessons I believe should be taught during the year, then use this same list the next year and so on (obviously modifying due to feedback). Has anyone any experience of this. (To get them qualed class 2 they have to complete a workbook, the lessons during the year should help get this work book completed, hence class 2 qualified and now employed as an instructor). Also we are planning to do one trade, one mil skill, one admin and one other per month, do these plans ever work?

    In the past we've looked at whats coming up in the next few weeks and ran lessons geared towards the weekends but at times we ended repeating the same lessons fairly regularly, not actually improving knowledge within the Sqn and then losing people.

    Whats the best approach?

  2. God, the fountain of all knowledge asking a bitter and twisted person like me. I am trying to do it at my sub-unit and it is difficult. $ or 5 X NFQ and 3 X Class 3 - 2. Found that if the 3-2 sit at the back and listen, at least they get some refresher info. Of course if I could get hold of the 3-2 work books I could send them off somewhere whilst I bore the NFQs for an hour, then do a joint on A&P cos everyone forgets that.

    We did a weekend in Blandford in the CNR simulators and probably learned more in that weekend, than any amount of teaching. The 3-2s loved being supervisors and the NFQs enjoyed the experience. Highly recommended. Of course a long way for you but is there anywhere up your neck of the woods that has simulators
  3. Great Idea Merlin,

    But if you can seriously make it happen... i'll eat my own chin.

    I'm going 3-2, and because i deliver parts of our training program, i never get to be trained myself. All of our weekends are aimed at NFQ's. It seems that Sqn training is hellbent on getting new people through the door, trained and traded. After that we just float off into the ether, and hopefully get class 2 on the way. Two years down the line, and having been on 90% of our comms ex's, i'm just over half way through my workbook...

    Sorry mate, having a cynical day today. I hope you get it off the ground and that it works well. Let us know how you go.

  4. Don't I know it, just trying to get work out what needs to be taught is hard enough. I don't like the RSTO system, the infantry (in 1990) stated what lessons you needed to teach and what should be included in each lesson, not like the RSTO's which states what they need to be tested on (and are generally out of date).

    A lass on my class 1/upgrader was a lecturer, she came out with a couple of good ideas. We took a training objectives, extracted them out into subjects and cross referenced back to the RSTO's, lastly building a course.

    Its a pity that the RSTO's don't come with a subject list like that, RSTO are quite open to interpretation. I don't exactly know what soldiers are being taught on their class 3, you've probably seen how badly twist RSTO when you did your class 1, what was in the RSTO bore little resemblance to the course.
  5. Merlin

    Ah yes, the training programme mine field.

    The lack of instructors is the main obstacle in our training programmes. First thing we did is identify those j/ncos that display the most basic grasp of what we call a sentence, then book them on a DITS cse at the nearest BSST.
    Once they get a taste of out of unit cse`s they tend to do them all. ASSTNBC, BCDT,RECOGNITION etc.
    As for 3 to 2 books they tend to be easier to complete on exercise due time constraints on weekday drill nights.(other than theory stuff that requires laptops and projectors).
    However add some variety throw in a social evening every couple of months or a team sport in the summer (PTI withstanding of course). A good way of freeing up time and giving instructors a break is to invite local outside agencies in to give presentations,police fire or local TA units that do something far more intresting!.
    Just keep the troop walts busy that night :lol:

    hope this helps

  6. Yep thats occassionally happened to us, I'm bored stupid when it happens.

    Your not the only cynic, had this training idea last night and spent a good hour working through the 3-2 work book, seeing if objective x.y can be delivered by experience or whether it needed to be taught aswell.
    Already I don't think we will have enough time, I may have to seperate them out, especially the dull lessons (JMH!) I think we need to teach, maybe putting them on social w/e's?


    Thats hopefully part of the plan, we've split topics/subjects between us, PSI is looking at the interest/fun nights, SSM mil skills, me trade, officer MATTs etc. It was one of those weird nights where everyone came up with the same cunning plan.
  7. Merlin

    After looking through my 3-2 book its nearly the same as the lessons we was taught on the recent class 3 in november i will chat with you in more depth on the fibua weekend at the end of feb if you like, its only really ncrs etc that you dont learn, on my class 3 i was the commcen supervisor & i have had experiance in that field working for 2 weeks with heli ops in bosnia so i had no dramas there

    going back to infantry or interest lessons there are loads to be taught, why not get a local engineer to come in & teach the guys about reserve demolitions, Mines (with all the deploments happening always a good thing) explosive charges ow to make them, police for arrest & restraint, there is those of us with the relevent inf experiance if you want any updates let me know i can pass you them on as i think some people stay away from that side of the lessons, you can always offer to teach them more about cnr or airwave in return. i personnally think in the TA in general that we get about 3 -5 hours a year at the minor important things NBC & BCDT which is wrong, what about getting different weapons in, sniper rifle, gpmg, the new LMG (minimi), you can even get a hold of a AK47 some of the RAF bases have a lone pool of them teach people bout an AK lets face if you go on Ops you may run accross one its wlways a good idea to know how to unload one & make it safe. most of the main deployment places have a version of the Ak (bosnia - Afghanistan & definatly in iraq where the locals used to be able to buy them of basra market for £150 dollars with 90 rounds) anything to break up the training is good.

    Fitness - try different sports or challange other teams, we have recently done a bpfa with a bleep test which never done before. On the first wekeend back in january we had a compietion with the para medics that share our TAC, Football - Uni Hockey & volleyball - they thrashed us but it was good fun. then had pizza & a few drinks in bar afterwards. any ideas lets batt them about i will help as much as possible if youd like me too
  8. Merlin,

    Why not have everyone regardless of rank, unless they are in the stores, go out and firstline vehicles for the first 30 minutes.

    Then have a gaggle of smokers around the doors for the next 30 minutes and then to finish the evening have a Naafi bar meeting in normal hours, that should just about take up all evening and will ensure your new recruits turn up week after week, more out of curiosity than anything else.

    The officers and PSI's can also congregate in each others offices thereby ensuring they keep out of the way.

    best of luck with whatever you try.
  9. watto,

    I know you did the 2 week one so your skill gap shouldn't be bad. Just looked at the 2-3 and I'm getting rather narked that areas taught on latter courses are in their (You get assesed as a Checker before you recieve instruction on it on the Class 1). Whoever wrote the 2-3 knew the practicalities of the TA (its looking at the jobs you'd be doing in the TA not in the regular army)

    Other points are good, did some of them until I had the keen element beaten out of me, well nearly :lol: (Your undermining my position, so I will make life difficult for you ..... not current regt)


    First works :! Signals must be on the only corps that enforces this cold war relic from the IMI/IMR/VMR?? How many times have I seen FFR's/Bedfords started up every drill night only for the battery to be flat when it needs to go out on exercise.
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  12. So your not blaming me for the same? I don't argue for a second that WFRs were good but thats history, 4 WFR merged with 37 Signal Regiment giving them an HQ and Sig Sqn. 3 WFR disbanded into 38 Sigs Regt, we are are Notts/Derby/Yorks Signals regiment and your to be in a fire team of some brummie regt.

    Its not your training programme, the ideas behind it come from us.
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  14. 10/10 as an insult. And if you know me you know I'd be laughing with you
  15. To drag this thread back on track......next week my troop are doing basic map and compass....ooooooooooooh

    Can anyone confirm if the recognition itd is being binned to be replaced by maps n navs ?

    If so I think I'll be looking for the relevent instructors course