Drill Night Cancelled - Can you claim travel?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Heard that a unit cancelled its drill night at the last minute yesterday (no officers or SNCO's turned in). Can the soldiers that turned in still claim travel?

    Note: The unit is scaled for several SNCO's (plus 2 PSI's) and a couple of officers, not sure why they didn't turn in. Was it lack of MTD's - the unit has had a cap placed on it.

    Is this a taste of things to come? (The person who9 told me was not a happy camper...)
  2. no PSI, NRPS or Senior? Did he turn up at the right place?
  3. They weren't allowed to do some training under a JNCO?

    If they show up, they should get their travel claim, and I'd argue a quarter days pay. It's not their fault the Drill Night is cancelled. If the Drill Night had called for two of hours of PT (ie play football) most of the SNCO's would have been in their offices hiding and no one would have known they were in.

    Begs the larger question - why does it require a SNCO to be present? Potentially could the unit have a lot of Drill Nights cancelled? Is the unit saying that a Corporal is no longer capable of supervising soldiers?
  4. It's a worrying sign, we had 1 turn uplast night, 4 of which were SNCOs!
  5. Aren't they needed to sign the pay sheet?
  6. well spotted, you've passed!
  7. If the senior bod on the training night/weekend is a Lance Corporal, then that's the senior bod and should sign accordingly in my opinion. He's the mustering NCO.

    All he's doing when he signs is effectively saying that "Yes, these people paraded at X and I knocked them off at X, and yes we did something military". Being a SNCO doesn't make him more honest.

    If training is to be binned because a Sgt isn't in to supervise it, then we're cutting the feet from underneath the responsible JNCO.
  8. Can't find that on the new JPA paysheet........!
  9. I'm sure our Part 1's state who can sign the sheet (a number of SNCO's)
  10. Tuesday night, It was me (Cpl) + 4 bods! :?

    Paysheets signed, Guys conducted training, Quick brew then home again!! Should a Cpl be capable of doing the above,,???? Yes of course.

    This seems like another case of Jack PSIs, Weak CoC and the old + not so bold being outside their comfort zone yet again! :x

    Look on the bright side Polar,, at least you have now answered your thread about the "Largest deployable TA formation!" :D
  11. Why aren't you on SC? :D
  12. Frak another :!: we had 3 OR's, 6 SNCO's and 2 Officers (plus 3 PSAO/PSI)

    Largest formation ...... yeah 1 soldier for pan bash on Op Telic
  13. That's my view. We train people to be responsible NCO's, capable of disappearing with a section of DROPS, or a radio det etc and being left on their own without requiring a grownup, but that same JNCO isn't trusted to sign a pay sheet or supervise drill night training without a SNCO coming along as the grownup.
  14. Seems my inital post was wrong