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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by darbs, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know where a copy of a drill manual can be obtained, either online or book store???
  2. Do you have that much trouble sleeping :)
  3. Nope, instead of sleep walking, he does sleep drill! :p
  4. ebay, get the latest in SAS PARA COMMANDO TA Drill manual, i am sure some walt tw@t is selling one!!!
  5. I have one, but when i saw you were a TA recruit about to go into training i changed my mind about giving it to you.

    You need to be taught the correct movements and timing. A pamphlet won't assist you at your stage. It may make you worse.
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  6. He'll want an SA 80 next to practice striping and assembling under the bedclothes in the dark!

  7. I've got one of these if you want?


    Hope this helps :wink:
  8. Well aint you lot the funny feckers!!!!!
  9. I would like to second what Bossdog said. If you are new to Drill, then looking at the manual won'thelp. You have to learn the way your instructor teaches - everyone does it their own way.

    As a Drill Instructor, I remember fondly falling asleep whilst reading the manual, waking up with it every morning. But... I had a reason too!

    Speak to your unit, there should be one avilable for you to borrow. Don't approve of this kind of Crown Copyright item for sale to plebs via eBay etc.