Drill Lesson Plans

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by winker88, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi can anyone please tell me if I can download these lesson plans
  2. All you need to know is in the Drill Manual, you cant recite from a lesson plan
  3. yeah - you go on a course to Pirbright, and the very nice gentlemen from the Guards Division will teach you :shakefist:

    I left you in THIS position! :omg:
  4. Step to the time I call out......... by the right.........quick

    To take you a step further in you foot drill..............

    Head up, neck in the back of the collar.................

    Get on the Heel.......... More Yet!

    I think that covers a few high lights from the drill course, Oh apart from 'Head in the Hedge' :)
  5. You can recite from a lesson plan, easily accessible in you pocket,
    there will be loads of times on the square when you can quickly have a gander at these without the squad seeing.
    Make your own plan from the drill manual, not hard.
  6. Other than continue to look this way while I demonstrate the action to be carried out on receipt of the command Squad two, three, four etc ! ! I've forgotten the best bits of my course.

    What audience group and level are you trying to teach and i'll dig out what you need.
  7. Is the drill manual available anywhere on-line?
  8. About the only lesson plans that I have not seen for sale on ebay!!

    Cannot think why?

    I am sure there is a wooden top with them on disk somewhere (only they don't do PC's normally to pished or too busy making their charges stick their heads in bushes!!)

    Good luck

  9. Hi I use to have the red drill manual and I have done the all arms drill course I also have the lesson plans but can't find them now.
  10. EBay link

    Spoke too soon me thinks.
  11. don't forget "Last week i left you in this position..."
  12. I bought the copy from ebay last night. Its a free to share offer so if anyone wants a copy please drop me an email to

  13. [/quote]EBay link

    Spoke too soon me thinks.[/quote]

    Try the shop, this bloke seems a spotter and half. Not you POTYOS the bloke on Ebay.