Drill is a waste of time in the modern army

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Qosmio, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. The major SF units around the world don't do any drill at all and manage to operate with a great esprit de Corps and without discipline problems. I think drill was fine in the days of 'forming square' etc at Waterloo, but these days is pretty obsolete in a modern army.
    The exception is specialist Guard and ceremonial units who do it for Royalty, special events and historical reasons.
    With other conventional units, the time spent doing drill could be minimized so they can concentrate on war fighting and training for war fighting.
    Doing drill is not being operationally focussed.
  2. Drill IS Military, DRILL IS part of the whole ethos of the military. It IS discipline, it is moving a group of people from one point to another in a smart and respectable manner.

    Get a life !!
  3. How many units (other than those on public duties) actively practice drill regularly these days? None.
  4. I was always taught that drill was there to instill the mindset of automatically obeying shouted orders without thought, therefore transferring that instant reaction to the field where "get the fcuk down" would be acted on without thinking.

    I was also taught that it was only really neccesary in Basic, just to instill that thought and ethos and that's why it isn't rigorously upheld or needed on a working camp.

    Although I know that being shot at a few times instills the same.
  5. Nail on the head. Those that are too idle/thick/unfit, delete as appropriate, to drill and retain the military ethos that's been around far longer they have, why don't you join the Scouts you poofs.
  6. Used to agree entirely until drill was actually done away with in the Met. I told some youth for the third time to get his hair cut today and the kid just grinned like it was funny..... ok he's only a special but................

  7. Did he have a lolly?
  8. red laboons?

    Why not get rid of uniforms as well? No real need for them either.

    You are really going to look great on your homecoming parades, shambling down the main street hands in pockets, fags in mouth and everyone out of step.

    You are the Army for God's sake and you move in a smart and disciplined manner, with pride and respect for yourselves and your unit.The civilian population admire and respect you for that in return.

    Squaddies are always going to moan and whinge about bullshit, but the wiser heads of the senior ranks know better, thank heaven.

    Rant over.
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    Think again as Drill sets folk apart and yep it's still needed in a modern day force , if you don't have the basics you have feck all !!!
  11. in my opinion drill is and always will be a part of the army...especially during training its just another exercise wich gets you workin together like clockwork! i left during training the last time for reasons unimportant but im looking forward to it as one part of my job...also the public view of the forces will be instilled as proffesional so in one sentence DRILL IS NECCESARY!
  12. Watch me and I will demonstrate

    Drill instills:
    1/ Discipline
    2/ An understanding of the CoC
    3/ Moves squaddies from point A to point B in an orderly fashion

    4/ Ossifers learn foot drill round the back of the mess (in very quick time and very early in the morning (usually after a session) under the instruction of a pig nominated by the adjutant, and never forget what they are taught (which I think is good but don't but don't really know why}.
  13. I believe that drill is a fantastic training that teach all the above. I believe that SF people wouldn't be SF if they didnt have that initial basic training. Its all part of the process dont you think?
  14. drill is being overlooked quite a lot in the recent years, but i personnaly love it and if people start turning up from training with no knowledge on how to walk in step then there will be a royal arse chewing coming their way, regardless of whether it was their fault or not.

    drill is a pill!!
  15. Drill is not just about BS it's a matter of personal pride in yourself and that of your muckers, It was also a way upon inspection of finding out those who were letting the side down, poor timing, dress, attention span, poor weapon handling etc.
    Even as REME I was PRIVELEGED enough to do Governor's guard in Gibraltar, up the main drag in front of every passer by, and yes it does make you feel proud, empowered and just the inherent feeling of knowing you are good enough at it to be in the public eye is what it's all about. Or would the soldier of today rather be sat on the cannons in C95 ? Yes our army of today is heavily commited, we all know that but I don't think it's any excuse to let base moral disciplines and traditions fall to the wayside.