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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by maskedkhan, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone clarify what the words of command are (if any) for bringing a lone soldier to attention? For instance, if I was to bring a soldier to attention prior to marching him into the RSM's office for a ‘chat’, what prefix would you use? Would it be the individuals rank and surname ie. Pte Snodgrass. Pte Snodgrass - shun ?
  2. Really?
  3. 'Cometoattentioneverywhereyouhorribleshitcuntgetinmyofficetakethatfuckingfrownoffyourfaceyoushittingincompitentbastard'
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  4. Firstly I'm going to start by saying if you need to ask how to call someone upto attention then you probably aren't ready to call someone up to attention yet

    Use their rank.
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  5. Strange vibration in the wah!!!!!
  6. In most cases where a single soldier is being drilled the correct order would be ....." Prisoner, as you were, Prisoner, as you were, Prisoner, as you were, wait for it..prisoner, prisoner SHUN!. BAAAEEEE the front quick MAAshirts. hoofhikehoofhikehoofhikehoofhikehoofhike...MAAARkTIME..quick maashirts ..hoofhikehoofhikehoofhikehoofhikehoofhike..habout turn ..hoofhikehoofhikehoofhikehoofhikehoofhike...habout turn.." etc etc.. and you can throw it a " at the double" when it pleases you
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  7. Something like 'I say Sgt Major, would you mind awfully bringing in Pte. Snodgrass, I'd like a little chat about last night's shenanigans. Do please hang around because I will need your advice on what to do with the um thingummy thing, the, oh come on, the piece of paper like being put on housemasters report. . .'

    'The AGAI sir?'

    'Yes, that's the fellow'
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  8. "If you wouldn't mind awfully............."
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  9. persec! Ffs
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  10. I get common sense dictates, but this was up for discussion this and noone knew if there was a text book answer as there is nothing in the drill manual (yes it got that pedantic). Point of interest only,
  11. He can be the right marker.
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  12. Foot Guards Method (so probably the closest to correct for gravel crunching):

    Guardsman! Guardsman Shun! Quick March! Mark Time! Halt!

    (Use other ranks as appropriate!)

    to the Regimental Sergeant Major/Occifer etc "Guardsman X Sir"

    Done it a fair few times and it seemed to work and keep everyone happy!!!
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  13. "Get your ******* heels together!"?
  14. Even the little Cuban heeled patent ones?
  15. An unecessary phrase to a Guardsman!!