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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by darkside47, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. I have been posted to the marines, and I had to go in front of the regt to get my LSGC from the CO, after doing the drill and the gym stopped vibrating after slamming my tabs in, one of the Marine WO asked why does the Army "stamp our feet"?

    All I can find out is that the stamping didn't come in untill 1920. Does anyone know why we do it.
  2. Its too scare the horses.

    Good question, how does navy drill vary from army drill ? Dont they only form up in 2 ranks or something ?
  3. Was that from WW1, to scare the enemy horses from advancing?

    Navy slide their foot in, I think that is from being on ship. not sure how they form up but i think its still 3 ranks.
  4. It's because 1 man behind another is fine. More than that causes arguments in the queue apparently ;)
  5. Right there, it'd be a bit dodgy being on a ship in a rough sea and trying to "stamp in" standing on one foot, they'd probably fall over.

  6. Isn`t it something to do with not making too much noise on deck if their `oppos` are kipping below? Quite probably wrong but sounds right enough.
  7. There seems to be small differences on say About Turn on the march (TLV), between the three Services, but the Marines noticably do not 'get those knees up'? Don't know why but wonder if it's something to do with drill on ship - maybe wooden decks as was???

  8. Thats the reason i was told ages ago.

    Also we dont fall in in three ranks if there are enough bods about.
  9. To scare the horses?

    Was that from WW1, to scare the enemy horses from advancing?
  10. Ask Tropper_66, he invented Drill ;)
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Is it corect to mention drill and Navy in the same context?
  12. Drill is the basis of all good Military Discipline, still on Parade, Stealth in the Field.

    Also, Drill is a Pill to be taken three times a day......

  13. Wibble wibble

  14. Bollox!!! :p Drill is wnak. :D
  15. Some of at least give it a damn good go!!