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When being promoted on parade and you are called out to receive your new rank, how do you fall yourself out?

do you fall your self out and march to the right in between the ranks and also how to you fall in again.
No real need to fall out. When they call your name just shout over here mate, hold your hand up and they will bring you your tape.
Your name here.

Stand to attention.

take one step back, starting with left foot, turn to your right (iirc) march up smartly, from behind your rank

halt, miss, 1, TWOOOO!

2, 3 UP:

2, 3 Down.

"thank you, waffle waffle, great honour, waffle waffle, shake the hands, put the rank on (if app) pause for photy (if applicable).

leather together, stand straight.

2, 3 UP

2, 3 down, 2, 3 about, 2, 3 RIGHT; LEFT; RIGHT all the way back to your rank Left Hand man, behind the rank to your spot, halt, miss 1, 2, turn to the left, 1, 2. one step forward. halt, miss 1, 2. Stand at ease.

Don´t worry though, you haven´t come off.
cheers chocolate_frog, so i march right, behind my rank on the way out and march behind my rank starting from the left to my orginal possition on the way back.

I've seen so many variations of this - is there anything written down in an old and dusty drill manual anywhere?

Once presented with the new rank, is it to be put on straight away, in front of the CO (That is, presuming he is promoting)?
I asked this question myself a couple of years ago, I think choccy frog has it right. However the usual way I have seen is to walk straight out and straight back in again.

Best place to be is behind the right hand marker, less hassle there

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