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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by FNUSNU, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. Everyone has different methods.

    You need to first give your boots a good basic layer of polish. some smear it on and melt it in.
    You can also brush it on, working well in, and buff. Repeat.
    Once you have a good base, get yourself a glass of hot water, (some use cold) a clean white cotton flannel cloth, and a can of good polish. KIWI Parade gloss is good if you can find it. Wet the cloth, dip it in the polish, and work in to the leather in circles. Keep working, adding water and polish as necessary, and you will end up with a smooth mirror like surface.

    That's it in a nut shell. Now work out what gets best results for you.
  2. Bulling Boots

    Don't spend too long looking at the picture at the top of page 2 though, you'll get hypnotised.....


  3. hopefully he can sort the good advice from the bad in that thread :lol:
  4. Basically ignore everyone but me :) :)
  5. :lol: may as well use nail varnish

    There used to be a product in US PXs, came in a small tin, like paint. End result on shoes/boots looked like patent leather. Great for the lazy.
    Makes the leather useless for future prospects of polish though, and looks crap with age as it wears
  6. If it's at Pirbright just tell them that only gays and guardsmen (in case they don't know that's a synonym) bull boots. Your capbadge is too warry/technical/overstretched and can we get on with the lefty righty stuff PLEEEASE.
  7. Bees wax your boots first for a durable base to bull on.

    Carefully heat the leather with a blow torch. Once hot rub in some hard bees wax. If done correctly the leather will go hard, and avoid the cracking that you get when you flex your foot.

    Be careful not to shrink your boots.

    It takes time, but once it is done keeping your boots up to scratch is a breeze. I did my mess wellies about 15 years ago, and all I have to do to sort them out now is:

    1. Layer up, apply a layer of polish with your fingers
    2. polish with a soft cloth with water and in small circles
    3. finish with cotton wool and water only.

    All in all about 10 minutes work.
  8. Don't waste your valuable time doing inanane and banal things like putting a deep shine on your boots. Simply buy a patent leather pair from the PRI in 1 Gren Gds at a cost of only £16:45.
  9. arrive a day early for the course and ask some of the guards boys on the course that are Sandhurst potentials to get you a couple of pairs. Expect to pay upto £40 a pair but you will get a couple of pairs just like the ones in the picture ! I did ? :wink:
  10. Cheers for that fellars!
  11. At that price for Boots they must be plastic?

    Unless they're very good, you can always tell patent leather shoes/boots. They just look bad.

    There was a time if someone suggested wearing such things, or showed up with them, they'd find themselves with a sandbag over their head in the back of a TCV going for a long ride to somewhere with a long walk back.