Drill Club at 14th Signal Regiment (EW)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Drillmehard, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. :headbang: DRILL CLUB :headbang:
    :headbang: DRILL CLUB :headbang:

    :frustrated: The regiment is going MAD for DRILL CLUB!!! :frustrated:

    14 Sigs are holding trails for drill enthusiasts on Wednesday the 21st February on the runway. :numberone:

    Anyone interested in the glorious art of drill, are invited from the absolute beginners who just want to learn a new skills to those seasoned vets with kills.

    We will be starting at 3pm and will be having a social afterwards down at the old cottagers till late. :hug:

    And also Friday mornings at 8am which means some time off work knowing 14 eh

    Any Queeries please contact the team on Drillmehard@hotmail.co.uk
  2. I for one is greatful that MCM did not post me to 14 Sigs, for once i would like to say thank you Glasgow.
  3. i would have thought it would have started at the same time as it always used to start at 1:23:1 :numberone:
  4. Get em out on parade.

    Drill every day I say!!
  5. Bloody hell, I thought for a moment that D*** M*** was back in 14!!
  6. Don't the first 3 posts have a similar style of avatar

    p.s. and so do the last two
  7. Don't knock my avatar! Matt will come and kick your arrse!
  8. Markers
  9. Right Markers!!
  10. I'm actuallly int coprs and better at drill than any of you
  11. Riiiiight Markeers
  12. An Int Copr? Is that special branch?
  13. Dags (and anyone else in south wales, Hereford and st Athans welcome) we hope that you will be attending wednesdays session,

    The drill club will be competing in the states in june, and will only need a small contribution from each selected team member to head out to San Francisco.

    I expect lots to show, plus we have tracksuits available (current figures work out than less than 5 pounds a strip)

    Best of luck

    Drill me Hard
  14. I did the Freedom of Ashford parade so I'm ace at drill but I won't be attending!