Drill boots at the factory???

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Crazy_Legs, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. Came across this photo while looking at images from the last Sovereigns Parade.

    Now I know things have changed since my time there and all the Cadets now carry swords but since when did they start wearing drill boots??? Doesn't seem very 'officerly', George boots not good enough any more?

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  2. George Boots are worn with Chapel Order. Still got them. Still got to be bulled. Fear naught. ;)
  3. Thank God for that!! :wink:
  4. No mamby pandy stuff here, as to drill boots didn't you wear them to pass out, did back in the SMC 14 days or was it red tunics-sod it wet myself again and dribbled down my front.
  5. Don't know when you passed out but drill boots was what you wore for drill - oddly enough. George boots were quite a recent phenonomenon.
  6. George boots were used for drill when I went through the factory in the second half of the 90's. I believe they introduced a 'drill boot' to protect against injury due to the George boot not being good for the drill pill that has to be taken twice a day!
  7. Ammunition boots were deffo the order of day, along with rifles........proper rifles, 7.62mm, empty metal locker, Self Loading Elephant Guns. Those were the days (dribbles onto piss stained trousers).
  8. Early 90s it was drill boots for drill and then george boots for chapel and dinner nights. One of the Commandants in the mid 90s binned drill boots. Rumour at the time was that it was due to the requirement for cadets to spend an inordinate amount of time on bulling drill boots.
  9. You what..?

    My George boots were issued to me in the Warren in 1970.. I still have them and wear them with DJ..

    They have been on issue since Victorian times...

    SubCal was issued Ammo boots when he went through the factory a couple of years ago, so they are still used...
  10. JHC 117 - they must have had more new tops and bottoms than Robert the Bruce's Battle Axe at Bannockburn :D Are you short of money or something?

    Seconded on ammo boots - on issue for ever and a day.

    Can anyone smell wee in this forum?
  11. Sod it the screen flickered, bloody eyes knackered along with ears-Did I hear you say Ammo boots binned in the 90's, what are you all poofs and mambies, I loved waking up with my boots on my lap and cam cream still on. As to george boots agree dinner nights but not drill - triple decked studded for us, after all didn't we all die to win the bloody Drill Competition!
    Found these fantastic incontinent pads, fill quickly when you laugh!
  12. Drill Boots certainly worn in the early '80s. My Platoon CSgt took mine off me when I left - they were better than his!! Ha!
    And echo that on George Boots - worn with Blues for Chapel and 'Mess' Nights. Still got mine; wore them with my Blues once commissioned when Orderly Officer (we wore Blues after 1800hrs in those days) and on Parade as Ensign. They come out once a year on Rememberance Sunday when they march through the village, highly polished!!
  13. I never had ammo boots for drill - just had to stamp feet harder and drive the heel. That was 2000, so maybe re-introduced...
  14. Late 1970s certainly had ammo boots: first six weeks every spare night in the syndicate room burning down then bulling until 2200. Seem to remember giving them a viking burial on the Wishstream after Sovereign's Parade - no bugger else was going to benefit from all that work! :twisted:

    I reckon the reason O/Cdts can do drill and Subalterns can't is the transition from ammo boots to Shoes, Officers, Brown or George Boots at commisioning. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...
  15. OK - too much slivo here so my brain is fecked but.................... what was the order of nails in ammo boot? IIRC was (from the front) 3, 4, 5, 2.

    I know its irrelevant but its been annoying the sh1t out of me since the first post.

    And did you sprogs have leather laces :?: