Drill, blank files.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sbeaver, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. We will be conducting some drill practise soon and want some advice on blank files, as it's been awhile.

    What's the score with a blank file? I know the front man stands on the front rank but the next guy, is he at the rear or the middle.
    Also if marching around does the blank file push forward if we are facing the other way.

    Many thanks
  2. The Blank File is positioned on the left of the squad, immediately to the right of the furthest file left.

    If you have one, he goes in the front rank. If you have two, front and rear ranks. If you have three, you don't have a blank file.

    If you have a single individual, should the order 'About Turn' be given, after completing the movement the individual takes the relevant paces forward (depending if you're in open or close order), halts smartly in the rear rank, dresses himself, then stands still.
  3. ACAB.

    Thank you for the information.
  4. Whilst marching in 3's the with two blank files, he should cross from side to side dependng on the dressing.

    ie By the left - man moves to the left. by the right - man moves to the right.

    The blank files are covered o the right dress.

    ie form the squad. if you are one down, you will have a space on the rear rank. on 'right dress' no 2 drops back, no 8 side steps. blank file second from left, middle rank.

    000000 right dress. 0000000 then 0000000
    0000000 000000 000000 0
    0000000 0000000 0000000

    if you have two blanks,

    number 2 stays still, numbers 4 and 6 side step, creating two blank spaces n the 2nd from left file.
  5. Ooh drill question time, goody.

    Which are the correct words of command?

    In the open order right dress

    Open order march
    Right dress.
  6. Now thats a good one! I realise how crap my drill commands are, not done the drill course though.
  7. It is 'In Open Order...Right Dress' The executive word of command is the word 'dress'. I'm assuming your talking about Army Foot Drill and not RAF pole dancing...
  8. In open order right/left dress.
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    much simpler to send the odd men on some duty and keep it neat.
  10. Yes, not RAF pole dancing.

    Its interesting coming from a crab background and noticing the ever so slight differences in drill, about turn on the march for example and "check T L V" for the crabs and "check left right left" for the army.

    Makes you wonder.
  11. Cheers ACAB.

    If I may ask another question.

    When someone has broken ranks and leaves the squad, to collect a certificate or something from the boss, is there a correct method to fall back into the ranks.
    i.e march back rear of rank, halt, turn and dressing.

  12. That's a connundrum...

    Drill manual at work too.

    I am going to go with


    That's what I've always done, and I don't remember any shockers in the lockers on my Drill Instrs cse in this part.

    I'll go with the logic that a third of the squad wont be marching, so that word of command is excluded.
  13. To leave.

    Come to attention, one step back march. right turn march along rank to end of squad and up to certificate (etc)

    halt, 23 up, 23 down. Attention. shake hands, receive, yes thank you great honour, ensure anything held is in left hand, attention. 23 up, 23 down, turn right (in extremis about) march off to squad, enter squad on left side, march along rank. halt at correct spot, left turn, one step forward, dress off, stand at eash.
  14. Usually as follows. For an award ceremony squad dressed in open order and stood properly at ease. On hearing name called out, subject springs to attention and marches out (try and have those to be awarded in the front rank) halts in front of the presenting officer and salutes. Receives award with LEFT hand and may or may not shake hand of officer. Having been told what a credit to his unit he is subject salutes, turns to his right (or about turns, though youngsters get nervous peforming an about turn in front of people and may embaress you!) Then keeping arm clutching certificate pinned to his side, marches back into the squad, halts, about turns, dresses himself and stands at ease.

    If he is from the centre or rear ranks he approaches from a flank (ie: does not bimble THROUGH the ranks), marches BEHIND the rank and halts having slotted himself back into his position.

    Disclaimer: Make sure you rehearse this unless you want egg on your face.
  15. I was taught to come to attention, fall out down the back of the rank you are in, do the boss thing, fall back into the squad from the left marker, down the back of the rank you were in.
    ( this applies if you are on the front rank also )

    Of course you always get some howler in the middle of the squad who just marches straight through the ranks..........