Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Smiler_1985, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. If i recall rightly, my mate got nicknamed Mongchild for his tattoos at basic. was rather funny at PT
  2. lol ones gunna be an angel wing n ones gunna be like a demon/drgan style wing it looks really cool i just made it sound a bit rubbish lol the nick name angel wouldnt bother me at all lol
  3. Id agree there. Maybe wait until after basic when ya have been sent to ya regiment etc
  4. I DOUBLE DARE you to get one of your chosen regiment or corp before you get to basic, once their slap your section commander on the back and tell him you have got this one in the bag, so their is no need for him to raise his voice because you are already part of the big show! (while sporting your new tat)
  5. yeah maybe.... but im really itchin for my wings now i got the design haha
  6. lol@nel!
    once im in n everything im gunna get an army one done anyways! like inbetween the wings i want i wanna put my number n regiment number n maybe the badge
  7. I want an L and an R on each of my feet!
  8. i want wanking arm on my right bicep
  9. Lukie quality chap, got a lol from me. Their was a chap who joined the royal marines, but before getting their got the dagger tatoo, they were pissed to say the least and thus destroyed him mentally during first few weeks and said chap left. Although he now has to explain to EVERYONE why he had said dagger on arm. Who can think of an excuse?
  10. He was on holiday and the tattooist thought I said Knife when I meant wife?
  11. It was the full shabang matey- dagger + Royal Marines Commando lol
  12. Think he might be buggered then! I,ll keep away from Tattoos...Makes you identifiable...As odds are not many if any have the same tattoo! So ill keep it blank ha!
  13. Same detail chap. Although I was thinking of para wings...............although im going grenadier, feck it i'll buy mine off ebay lol
  14. lol@mason

    n just so you all know im female haha ;)
  15. That explaing the RLC then ;)

    Royal Ladies Club hehe