Dressing up at weddings?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Crazy_Legs, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. I was staaying at a hotel last weekend and in the reception they had some 'promotional literature' trying to flog the idea of holding your wedding at the place.

    While flicking through this I noticed several photos of a military wedding held at the place. So far so good, however the bit that stood out was that both the groom (a SSgt) and his best man (a Cpl) had enough gold embroidery on them to embarass a minor royal.

    Now, unless the cap badge in question have changed their dress regs recently without me knowing and aguillettes are now normal wear for SNCOs and full screws, he was taking the piss slightly.

    So my question to the wider Arrse community is this: does wearing random bits of uniform at your wedding count as 'acceptable behaviour' to look a bit dapper in the wedding phots or is it walting, pure and simple?

    Over to the floor.....
  2. Get the phot put up here, blanked out grids for us to gawp at.
  3. Embarrassing is having a mere corporal as your best man.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Could this explain it?

    Some of the TA Yeomanry types have pretty Ruritarian styled uniforms.
  5. From Wiki:

    "There are four types of aiguillette worn in the British Army.

    Aiguillettes (1st Class) are of gold wire cord and are worn on the right shoulder by, among others, Field Marshals, Aides-de-Camp to the Sovereign, equerries to members of the Royal Family, and commissioned officers of the Household Cavalry (in full dress only). They are worn on the left shoulder in full dress by Warrant Officers of the Household Cavalry.
    Aiguillettes (2nd Class) are of gold and crimson and are worn on the right shoulder by, among others, military members of the Army Board and the personal staff of Governors. A simplified version with no coils is worn on the left shoulder by Staff Corporals, Corporals of Horse and Lance Corporals of Horse of the Household Cavalry in full dress.
    Aiguillettes (3rd Class) are of gold and crimson and are worn on the left shoulder by, among others, military attachés and aides-de-camp.
    Simple aiguillettes are worn by Lance Corporals of the Household Cavalry and by bandsmen of Dragoon Guards and Dragoon regiments in full dress.
    The following aiguillettes are worn in the Royal Navy:

    Royal aiguillettes of gold wire cord with gold embossed aiguillette tips are worn on the right shoulder by Aides-de-Camp, Honorary Physicians and Honorary Surgeons and Equerries to the Sovereign, Equerries to members of the Royal Family and Admirals of the Fleet.
    Naval aiguillettes of gold wire cord flecked with dark blue silk, with gold aiguillette tips ornamented with silver anchors are worn on the left shoulder by Naval attachés and Naval advisers, Captains of the fleet, Chiefs of staff, Flag captains, Flag lieutenants and Admirals' and Commodores' secretaries. "

    So, unless they were any of the above, pure and simply, they were "dressing up"...
  6. Afraid not, this was a bog standard Army 'Corps'. Nothing Cav about it...
  7. Hmmm Not another "ACF" wedding?

    (No disrespect to the ACF intended, that's where I began my long journey in uniform...)
  8. So were these geezers in No 1s or No 2s? Is there not some reg that stipulates you can up yourself a rank when you get spliced in uniform? If so, maybe the Staffie was really a Sgt?

  9. Corps ?
  10. Regular Army (or else some severe walts!!), Royal Engineers in No 1s.
  11. If so then the best man was actually a Lance Jack. I hope the groom is spending the first two years of married life on gate duty
  12. no - the staffie was a sgt getting married, the fullscrew was still a fullscrew. there's nothing that says you can bump yourself up a rank if you're only attending a wedding.
  13. Or the picture could just be a modelling agency enacting to "enhance" the brochure.
  14. err not quite the interpritation of the expression " Phoaaaar , want to get inside her knickers !" I had in mind :p

  15. A full Colonel none the less. Some bloke called Jim or Jimmy Shortt :D