Dressed to kill


Russia’s armed forces will not only be stronger in future. They will also be better dressed. A couture collection of new military uniforms has been shown to President Putin by Valentin Yudashkin, the country’s famous clothing designer, at a fashion parade in the Defence Ministry headquarters.

Chisel-jawed servicemen and leggy female models stood to attention in chic fur collars, stylish peaked caps and goldembroidered tunics as Mr Putin, the Commander-in-Chief, examined the dashing new look



And the British answer to 'dressed to kill'

Well at least we'll have something nice to rape when we launch Operation Barbarossa 2 eh lads?
They all need bumming.

Arms or no arms.

Maybe she is a Skill without arms instructor.

Or in the Skinny arms Scrawny corps

Either way she would have to get it.

Sgt_Henno_Garvie said:
Look at the top pic if you would be so kind. Note the very deep indentations where the elbows should be. Now in my opinion, that girl has either no arms (just some stick on hands for the cuffs) or she is one skinny dorris
A few months in a Siberian Forced Labour Camp has that effect..


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Looks great on the catwalk, yes indeedy. Won't look so good when it's mass produced in the gulags though will it?

So called "maestro" Yudashkin.
Is it a Russian "Village People" tribute act?


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Well, we've had Putin being the big gay pin-up on his recent fishing stop, so it's perfectly understandable that he'd get a screaming homosexual to design the new uniforms.


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KGB_resident said:
Bloke on the right looks like a Ruritarian prince. Then again so do US Army generals with all their ribbons and badges.

Hopefully for the Russian squaddies, their field dress will be better designed.
Sergey, are those hats and collars “fish-fur”, or the real thing?? When will we able to get this stuff down “the Arbat” (street market)?? I want two like the one in shirt-sleeve-order, at the back, third photo, please.
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