Dressed to Kill.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by revmodes, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. I have no idea who these chappies might be! RAF regiment perhaps?

    Nice weather though, can anyone identify them by uniforms/weapons, god forbid they might be really allie looking airsofters. RUN AND DIE TIRED.jpg
  2. Deffo airsofters
  3. AKM by the look of them, is the ammo on the LMG belt live, cant make it out properly
  4. Looks live, might they be Rooshians?
  5. I'll get my SLR then...................
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  6. The lead is carrying a Dragunov Sniper rifle, No 2 has an AK variant and the guy in the rear is carrying an PKM, a sort of Soviet GPMG. As to nationality, I have no idea except to say Eastern European.
  7. Ghillie suits and chest webbing ? Have these boys not been on their belt buckle yet and found out their webbing is strangling them ?
  8. Serbian Melisha ???
  9. First one is definitely carrying a Dragunov SVD 7.62mm short

    No 2 is I think a standard AK-47 with silencer

    No 3 is a PKM variant, possibly a PKMS.

    Don't think they are Russian, but possibly one of the former satellite states Spetznaz (could be Georgian)
  10. Hmm. My first thought was South American, eg Chile. Possibly Russian or Chechnyan airsofters ... only using real rounds.
  11. What makes you say that?

    I can't see the pic that well on my phone but the middle chap looks to have an NSPU night scope fitted to his AKM.
  12. SS is right, thats an NSPU night vision sight on the AK. Also, that AK appears to be a wood-stock model with (elastic bands on it) as opposed to a folding stock model that you would expect to see in their SF-type outfit.

    Or they could be very convincing/sad re-enactors from Surrey.
  13. fu2

    fu2 LE

    think they are the real thing. Second man has a soviet nightsight on his ak
  14. Defo an AKM and not an AK74. The suppressor looks gen for Russian forces and I've never seen a night sight or suppressor of those types for sale on the civilian market never mind an airsoft replica

    You can usually ping Eastern European units by camo pattern but we're haggered with those guille suits on. What's Google image search say?
  15. Airsofters don't go out in the rain. I painted a load of brick 'houses' that a bloke who owns a paintballing/airsofting place had built for them to run in and out of a while ago. Apparently they don't like getting their stuff more than slightly dirty whereas paintballers get extra muddy since the coveralls aren't theirs.