Well my serfs. I am disappointed to the reaction to my proposal for the blue woolly pully. I though I had found the perfect answer. Reintroduce it for those that want it and for those that don’t well there is no form of dress in which it can be worn and I put it to the Executive Committee who occasionally agree something and implement nothing... Not totally true I can recall that after much debate we introduced choccy biccies as well as bourbons for our elevenses, one of our finer moments I’m sure you will agree. However, though there appears to be general approval to the pully the choice of a Guernsey jersey seems to have raised eyebrows. Can’t think why it is very French.
and what about the late-of who has taken to wearing a funny three services stable belt. A bit early to be jumping ship yet or is he getting ahead of the game. You wouldn't see the guards or para late-ofs trading their distinctive berets for a red-and-two-blues one.
Have you noticed that all units, including Signals, that are part of the Rheindalen Support Units all wear the same 'remfs' stable belt. Why don't they wear the same beret and cap badge? That way you wouldn't know who's supposed to be working in the stores, cooking the food or driving the trucks and we'll finally have 'all one big army'!   :eek:
You must be referring to that ’orrible green and yellow belt worn by the ARRC Support Battalion though I think referring to the "first-out-and-last-iners" as "remfs" may be a little harsh.
I say as I mean, and a last-out-first-in type of person is much too PC for my taste. There are too many people, companies and governments that use 'spin' and mis-use words in order to make the 'unpleasant' seem palatable.

A remf is a remf is a remf.  :-/
Call it as it is plant

Did anybody else see the ridiculous scene here (pissed at home with the tv on before the recriminations start flying) ARRC Sp Bn "battle camp" earlier in the year?  It was the one with the fixed firing lines with loads of fat loggies crawling about 25 metres and breathing through their hoops, once again with cack webbing and helmets hanging off the sides of heads.  Embarrassing, or maybe that was just those chosen for the screen (birds mainly).

Like you said, a remfs a remfs a remf.
You're right, but you have to be fair, that's what they wanted when they joined and I'm sure most of them take the wary bits as a bit of a bug-bear. Just something that has to be done occasionally.

On the other hand, I have seen plenty of AGC clerks working in HQs (Big house JHQ, Div and Bde HQs) who ponce about wearing all the Gucci kit they've bought from Silverman's. I was sort of acceptable when the AGC first formed as many of it's members were unwillingly stolen from their Corps and Regiments. Now they're just taking the pi**.

I saw a 12 year old (well he looked it!) AGC clerk wearing an old 'sniper smock' the other day. Wonder if the hooks get caught on the filing cabinet?  ???
Reminds me of an old aquaintence who was of the 'Death From Above Brotherhood'.  He loved fat wasters on remedials who ponced about camp in their Para smocks.

He would go up to them and politely inquire about when they passed parachute selection.  When they replied 'I haven't done P Company' he would grab the back of their collar and drag it round the front so they could see the label!!!  "WHAT DOES IT SAY' he would bellow......

"Smock Parachutist Sir !!" would come the reply.

"SO WHY THE F**K ARE YOU WEARING IT THEN IF YOU ARE NOT A PARACHUTIST" as he is pulling the thing off over their heads.. ;D ;D ;D

Reminds me of an old aquaintence who was of the 'Death From Above Brotherhood'.  He loved fat wasters on remedials who ponced about camp in their Para smocks...
Beware this, though. Dad told the story of an ...err... efficient new Brigade Commander in the 1960s who demanded, and got, a 100% parade of the Bde HQ and Sigs Sqn, webbing and weapons and all.....

....said Bde Comd is walking round, comes across a rather fat (and mature) chef whose web belt is at full extent, and says "and when was the last time that stomach went on a night patrol?"

The reply comes, "Arnhem, sir....." :) :)
and don't forget those who have transferred in and have done it all before. i remember a couple of our guys being called remfs (they were int) without realising that the two people these JNCOs were baiting were both commissioned officers, one form the ranks, both had done the first gulf and bosnia, one was PARA trained and were UKSF at one point!

I was under the impression that you get issued a hat and coat!!!
only on completion of an arduous course do you get issued a smock..
If you buy your own then you must be getting paid too much. clothing ,like everything else the army buys, is not 'good' its just adaquate!!!

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