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  1. Hi, can anyone tell what's the requirement as far as recruits dress code such

    How should the combat trousers be tied and finished above the boot

    How many turns should the combat jacket be turned up the arm and how wide

    Which side should the male part of the belt be on trousers left or right

    As you will tell from the above I have been told **** all

    Cheers Bob
  2. A) With the ties provided in the trousers.

    Q) How many turns should the combat jacket be turned up the arm and how wide

    A) depends on jacket (shirt) worn. If issued PCS CU, sleeve are rolled down and buttoned. If CS95, rolled up above elbow three finger width (summer months only).

    Q) Which side should the male part of the belt be on trousers left or right

    A) The male is always right ;)
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  3. Why are you asking this question (and the one on boots and beret) on an open forum?

    Why haven't either your recruit team or CQMS/RQMS given you the lesson on kit? Did they not show you when they issued you the kit?
    If they haven't name and shame the unit.

    If they have why not ask them again? That is what they are there for.

    It is all being keen and eager which I admire, but you are starting to sound a like someone who doesn't listen.

    Please don't come on here after weekend 1 asking which end of the rifle is the dangerous one.
  4. No mate they haven't shown me, the reason being is I was only on selection last weekend and my place on the midland challenge was confirmed yesterday morning when I picked my uniform up.

    I was told they would go over the uniform with Tuesday night but as I'm working out of town next I can't get in.

    Im posting questions and queries on here to give me a heads up that's all.

    I'm not a mong mate, but what's the point of a forum if the likes of blokes like me can't ask questions to better there knowledge ?
  5. Joking aside there will be a PSI there that will have been tasked to help you through things ask him/her for help, failing that they will task another member of the unit to mentor you and give you guidance I suggest you're first port of call should be your admin office or your PSI and the perhaps they will put you in touch with your nearest unit colleague who can spend an hour or two helping you get squared away!

    Failing that turning up in a smart summer M&S frock and matching high leg combat boots, wearing your beret at a rakish angle and sporting a wry smile should be fine


  6. Your unit's admin is up it's arse. You should have been shown when you picked your kit up or arranged a time to do it.
    There is nothing wrong posting on here if you genuinely don't know - which as you have explained you do, but may I suggest if you keep asking you preface it with your above statement?

    Congrats on passing selection and good luck with Midland Challange. You will need all your kit plus down time in barracks clothing, but most of the time you will be in green kit.

    Have you put webbing your together yet?
  7. No mate not got work my tits off the next few days do I can get down there Wednesday to get sorted
  8. bottoms up your boots your boots should be polished , not to a high gloss but clean respectable and well maintained. the laces should be tucked a away I normally wrap the extra lace around the ankle a few times and then tuck the extra bits securely into the tongue of the boot

    The ties that you have at the bottom of the trousers should be done up reasonably tight and then tucked back in & under so as not to be seen, so that they "blouse out" (you can get twisters for this but I haven't used them since the 90's And I don't know many who use them any more)

    Three fingers roll of the combat shirt (not jacket) sleeve is a good start to just above the elbow , flat ironed collar, belt the male bit always comes in from the right good sharp crease down the sleeves and down the front and back of the trousers and you'll be fine dude

    Shaping your Beret however is a bit of an art and needs probably some hands on help from one of your colleagues, what I would recommend is gently wetting and shaving the excess fluff of the top with a wet bladed razor, then swapping between a bowl of hot and cold water to shape it and get it to fall over you right ear with your cap badge over your left Eye keeping the cap badge area as flat and upright as possible and so that it fits firmly on your head, wear it until it starts to dry off and then either trim the extra ribbon or tuck it into the lining and place it on a flat surface with the flap overlapping to dry

    I hope that helps a bit Dude


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  9. Spot on mate thanks
  10. And take the plastic square out of the beret lining...it helps to "sit" properly.
  11. Also prevents premature baldness, but will be of **** all use if you have a sucking gunshot wound to your lung.
  12. H3

    H3 LE