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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by mick442, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick question, I've got a mate in the int corps getting married next year, he got 1's but no belt with them, what belt does he need an where could i get one. He's deployed right now so he cant sort it himself.
  2. Just a plain old white belt with brass buckles.
  3. brass buckles? you sure? thought it was the old shiny stable belt buckle (with the rose & laurel etc).

    that's what i got told when i got married in 2006 anyway. if it turns out i was incorrectly dressed, is that sufficient grounds for an annulment? :? *ducks*
  4. Somehow I always have trouble with the concept of "Int Corps" and "correctly dressed".

    About the only time I ever saw everyone wearing the same dress (correctly) was at Ashford...


  5. Annulment? Surely you should be charged for being incorrectly dressed?!?!
  6. don't you think i've been punished enough for that day? 8O
  7. Not as much as Mrs CR!!!!

    The correct belt for No 1 dress is a fabric one of a similar design to the one on your new No 2 dress. Not that you're going to see that until at least April............
  8. White belt with brass buckles worked fine for me. Tried the big stable belt buckle but it didn't look right. Let's face it you can wear what you like.
  9. Nothing wrong with a bit of ambition CR old chap, just try to keep it within the boundaries of probability mate :p
  10. The established dress with No 1 Dress for weddings is a standard white plastic belt surmounted with the Corps 'Flashy buckle' with Corps Badge thereon. It may not be correct but it looks the biz and you are recognised as a member of our Corps (despite the fact that you will almost certainly have that Cypress Green lid on somewhere in the photos - but not in the kirk!)

    I presume if you are going the full hog with No 1 dress you ain't turning up in a Registry Office?

    Depending on your rank, you could even go for sword loop and even sword. Don't worry if you think your rank doesn't befit such accoutrements as I have seen WO's 2 who do not qualify to wear such stuff (even one CSM in a 'Sam Browne') just do it. The civvies won't know any better but your mates will give you shoite! Stand By!
  11. AAAAAAAAAAnd Nice try CR. I think annulment is a bit harsh but then again I would never have married you in the first place, despite nice shiny belt buckle and even tighter Blues.

    As an aside, can't you get rid/lock the WA 'Game' from this site? - boring!

    Incoming (as usual) expected.
  12. :roll:

    O4m - "WA game"?
  13. Word Association - Catch up Dear Boy!
  14. I got married with the belt buckle and not brass buckles.

    I've seen Corps No.1 dress with buttons on the bottom pockets of the jacket and without buttons on the bottom pockets, which is correct?
  15. O4M, i thought it might be a WAH :)

    i did propose locking it at 999 pages, just to upset the regular contributors. then eye_spy said he would hold his coke-bottle thick glasses near my neck and burn me like an ant, if i tampered with his thread. he thinks that having an enormous thread is a prestigious thing for the "intel core", in spite of the fact that:

    a. it consists entirely of one-word posts.


    b. why the fuck is it in the Int Corps forum?!?!?

    if you want people to vote on the issue, please create a new poll to see if the WA should be moved to a more appropriate forum. but on no account should you mock the IA geek who created it in the first place ;)