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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Saxon2060, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. I suppose I'm the same as a few people here in that I' not in the OTC yet but have questions to ask. Maybe I'm over eager, maybe I'm doing something to avoid revision, oh well.
    I gather I'll be told everything I need to know in 5 days when I go for an induction for NUOTC but I was just wondering about dress uniform and I'm not sure we'll be told as it's not strictly military related.
    My question is: When is it appropriate to wear dress uniform.
    I guess I'm really asking a coupleof thing, importantly I suppose will I HAVE a dress uniform? I know you're not issued with it straight away and I'm not entirely sure if you get one. If you do, has anyone got experience of weareing military dress to functions?
    In college for instance at black tie dos it's sometimes said that if in the military (I'm not sure how far OTC counts as 'in the military' but anyway) dress uniform would definitely be suitable.
    IF I get in at the end of this week, I'll be in for when I go to St James' Palace for the D of E award presentation thing. Would that, for example be such an occasion.
    I guess this is a very long winded question considering the answer could just be "You don't get one" but you know as previously mentioned...there's work to be avoided.

  2. If that's not a wah, it's incredibly keen, chill out or you'll be the loser cadet who everyone is just waiting to flip out and kill everyone at a US high school.
    In answer to your question:
    No you won't have a 'dress uniform'. You wear black tie in the mess on functions, normal suit on other nights. If for any reason you need No2s you get them from stores. OTC dress blues as far as I know don't exist.
    Why would you have an OTC induction in the middle of the year? OTCs recruit at the start of the academic year so that Ocdts develop bonds within their company as they progress through the system.
  3. Thanks.
    Presumably because there was sufficient interest. There'll be a 4 day induction cadre for NUOTC this April in order to teach prospective cadets sufficient... stuff... to be able to go on summer camp. It replaces MLDP1 in that respect although we still need to pass it to progress to MLDP2 obviously.

    And I only ask the question because I saw that Chruchill advert where the bulldog is at 'the palace' for some reason and there are officers in uniform in the tent thing he is in and I idly wondered about that. I probably came across as far too eager because I'm very wordy. Probably can tell by now
  4. They're going to teach you everything you need to know in 4 days? They must be the best PSIs known to man or you are a pure genius.

    This is the first time i've ever heard of an OTC recruiting in April.

  5. That's up to them isn't it, not me, I emailed and asked them whether I'd still be able to apply next october even though the requisite two years might be interrupted by a year in industry. They didn't answer my question at all really, just sent details back of an intake this April so I decided to go for it, why not, if I want to do it I may as well do it soon before I think of not bothering again like I did at the start of this year.
    I've no experience of even cadets, I went to a normal comprehensive school so we didn't bother with any of that and I'm glad so forgive me for not knowing very much about anything. If you think taking in in April is a bad idea that's nothing to do with me really.
  6. I didn't say an April intake was a bad idea. I said them teaching you everything you need to know in 4 days is utter b0ll0cks. After 4 days you won't even know how to iron your uniform properly, nevermind know what to do in the harbour area, how to carry out a section attack, and are they going to put you through your WHT in 4 days? All the things you need for summer camp

    I say again - WAH
  7. Massive WAH
  8. You've got a point but I guess I'll find out. I am just realying what I've been told. And bear in mind we'll have a term at uni and therefore OTC between now and summer. Although I guess that doesn't count for an awful lot. I can see why you're cynical about it but we'll cross various bridges when we come to them I suppose.
    ...I still don't know what WAH means... haha
    Well, I'll admit I did look it up on Arrseipedia but I'm no more enlightened when it's used in this context really.
  9. Right,

    You can't join a UOTC before September, so if you're not in it now, and you're not TA, then you're not going on camp.

    UOTCs stop training for university exams.

    No one in their right mind would give UOTC Ocdts blues.

    You're at Durham.


    Edited to include Wah Shield
  10. Yeah, well although it wasn't the friendliest response for want of a better word it was useful so thanks

    Although in my defence, not that I really think I have one any more because it appears I've made a tit of myself. Well, I guess I shouldn't quote it but I swear to you the first paragraph says that the 4 day induction cadre is to give new students who wish to attend annual camp the necessary skills.

    If you think that's out of the question then maybe it is, maybe we're not going on camp, it's not like I'm that excited about anything because I don't know what to expect! I'm just asking a lot of questions for that reason.

    But with thanks and respect etc. I'll stop because I'm just pissing everyone off now
  11. Thanks for your valued contributions to OTC recruiting prior/gun bunny ... kleppets

    ballocks - we started an entire new company in April last year

    Really?? mine doesn't

    Saxon - if you've been told your OTC are recruiting in April make the most of it, go down and ask them your questions, the staff will be the best people to ask re year in industry etc. Emails/phone-calls to HQ are always a nightmare. Perseverance is the key.

    Good luck

  12. NB: Kids from comprehensive schools can join the ACF/SCC/ATC etc, so cadets is not just some posh school thing.
  13. Yeah that's a point, there is an airfield nearby but I was never interested enough. I just got the impression a lot of boys in public/grammar schools had no choice but to be part of it is all. I could be wrong, Merseyside doesn't have grammar schools so I'm not sure... I don't think. We don't do the 11+ anyway... Although I guess this is where I'm told by someone from a different part of Merseyside that they went to a grammar school recently. As far as I'm aware we got rid of the 11+ all together.
    Thanks smash. Only a couple of days to go now so I guess I can bug the staff rather than you guys.
  14. Smash, what exactly did you do with this new coy? You expect them to start training/MTQ1 at the same time as their exams start? Any decent OTC stops training during exam period for the good of the cadets, if OTC cadets start failing their degrees because they're sepnding all their time with the OTC instead of revising, do you not think the uni/MEC would intervene?

    Which OTC are you from?
  15. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Which OTC does this?