Dress standards these days..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by monkeytennis, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Recently did a course at Lydd and the state of some of the lads kicking about was a bit of an embarrassment to be honest. It grated a bit trying to explain to the marines on the course that not everyone wears creased CS95 without trouser twists, or fears a razor. Then you see other SNCOs similarly shabby - why aren't they gripping their lads anymore? I'm not saying it makes you a crap soldier, but pride in your appearance was always drummed into me in basic and I try to maintain my own personal standards both in and out of the field. It aint rocket science.
  2. God, you'll be complaining at how young and scruffy coppers look sans head-dress mit Oakleys in their undone HiViz jackets with their hands tucked into the straps of their stab vests next...
  3. Yup - yer right there matey!
  4. If you wear any rank - you sort 'em out. It's part of your job. Tell them, don't moan on ARRSE.
  5. Trouser Twists - I spit at you. When on the ranges I should be able to dress as I would on Exercise and or Ops.

    Next we'll be shooting in Barrack dress... Oh wait a min!
  6. Hmm some strong feelings here then. I sort my own lads out as I see necesary, and it's fine if they are going to wear the kit they would deploy in on the range - but my point is why do some lads go out of their way to look scruffy like its some new fashion? we take the piss out of civvies for looking like a sack of shit.
  7. I take it you have not been to a RAF camp recently?
  8. There's easier, cheaper and quicker ways to get troops to raise their standards such as regular parades and a word in their shell if need be.
  9. Hi guys & Gals ex Matelot here !!!
    For info I visited Catterick back end of last year to watch my Lad at his pass out Parade for the Rifles ex 26 week CIC.

    I remarked to my wife just how well turned out EVERYBODY was whom I observed on Parade and whilst walking around the Barracks.

    Ashamed to say it.....but the Army Lads would leave the Navy standing!!! I was so impressed


  10. My job involves a lot of working with the police force and twice within the last couple of weeks I have seen young coppers on duty in white socks. I know that's probably not the worst sin in the world and I accept that the police have far greater issues to concern themselves with than the colour of some of their officer's socks but to me, it just shows a degree of sloppiness from some of their younger members

    I actually also think it looks a bit chavvy/daft, to be honest.

    I don't for one minute expect anyone to agree with me, but there you go!!
  11. White socks? They must have been ex-RAF!
  12. If you're talking about the recent course that finished yesterday, I too saw a slight scruffiness; however the lack (none) of ironing boards in the transit accom, soldiers travelling to an OPTAG cse "light", sitting down all day in a theatre, putting smocks over CS95 shirts then taking them off etc tend to lean less towards the standards found back in bks. There was also a lot of TA and temp med pers there (not saying their anymore scruffier than the rest, just they probably care less the standards of their dress and more about the standards of their work).

    The above leaves me not much worried by a little scruffiness on that cse, but the standards of people walking around the camp leaves a lot to be desired. Walking with hands in pockets, berets off and eating whilst walking about the camp should not be tolerated. It makes me feel like a grumpy ba$tard reminding them where they are and who they represent when others walk by and pretend not to notice. :evil:
  13. They were Met coppers ... need I say more?!!?
  14. Only if they wore plastic shoes, failed every fitness test and claimed £400k compensation for a sore thumb. Cnuts.