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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Panoptes, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. I recently heard of someone getting a bollocking for wearing a belt outside a smock. What are the army regulations on this type of dress. I always thought it was alright?

    Plus, does anyone have any tips on shaping a caubeen?

  2. I think you need to be a Sergeant Major or above to wear your belt outside your Smock, don't quote me on that
  3. Is that the knowledge you got from visiting the ACIO Trussell :? All Regiments/units have different dress policies. I found when I did a few tours with the Engineers they preferred you to take a nice flowery dress on tour with you :wink:
  4. Every unit i have ever been at has always been belts, and cmon IRON you forgot about your evening dress and high heels.wigs,earings and handbags non compulsary unless bootys or RN are visiting :wink:
  5. Oops meant to post this in the QM's forum. Mods, can you move it please!?!


  6. if you were friends with a certain mortor platoon they had everything even high Heels + plasters and corn things!
  8. The guys at Chilwell wear them under the smock but when we go to Grantham we have to wear them over.
    Its one thing that pisses me off about the Army, there doesn't appear to be any standard way of doing things - something that you always do at your unit gets you a bollocking when you go somewhere else.
  9. Aslong as it isn't a major bollocking ;)
  10. In order to combat this situation, I wear my belt half underneath jacket, and half over the top. This way you just turn your left/right side away from whoever may be passing you. Simple!
  11. Belt on the inside, braces on the outside at our place, this is the best way to have Cannon and Ball comedy moments.
  12. Personally I think belt on the outside looks better aslong as you do the fishtail thing at the back. Only problem is though when you take your combat jacket off, you have no belt on your trousers and look like a mong.
  13. Quite, a Sapper whould always be smartly dressed :)

  14. Smock over belt. Belt over trousers. Flowery dress tucked inside the trousers. (After all, there's nothing worn under the kilt).
  15. About shaping your caubeen, you either go for one of two methods.

    First of all, tear out all the padded shite. Your head will fry with it in.
    Next, pour hot water into it, then pour it out, and immediately put cold water in, then pour that out too.
    Now this is the stage where you actually shape it. You can either fold the material in across the seam, pull the side down, or put your caubeen on your knee, and smack both sides of it. make sure you make your hole for your cap badge and hackle too. Ideally, the hackle hole should be between the two holes for the cap badge, and up by about half a centimetre at the most.