Dress Regulations

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Where can I find an electronic copy of dress regulations?

    Regular, TA, Cadet, im really not fussed.

  2. I've never seen an online copy and to be honest there couldn't be an exhaustive 'all Army' version.

    Your Regimental or Corps HQ will be able to provide you with a hard copy though.
  3. You're a legend mate, nice one.

  4. Hello can any of you s/nco's or officers of the Royal Artillery help me!
    i am ex 5 hvy Regt but now SMI/WO2 with the ACF, I am trying to get hold of xxl Regt blue jumper and a pacestick! I am finding this very hard to find for a reasonable price ! also i can not find anywhere that sells the blue jumper!!!!

    Ex Gunner in need can you help!!!
  5. Sorry - can't help, but if you find a source for the jumper, be so kind as to PM me - I've been hunting for ages.
  6. Try googling for the Stevenage Knitting Company. My (slightly erratic) memory tells me that they make 'em.