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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by inkerman7492, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Gentlemen (and Ladies), would anyone either be able to send me, or point me in the right direction, to the Dress Regulations appertaining to the wearing of berets; especially about beret-band height above eyes and location of Capbage/Capstar/Grenade; please?

    I have trawled ArmyNet and done a cursory search on here, but cant find it.

    Thanks, in advance,

  2. Borfuckinging
  3. Why on earth would you wanna know that ?
  4. The band above the eyes? Thought it was supposed to cover the eyes! The badge goes just next to your left ear.
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  5. The one on the right looks like an Accrington Stanley supporter, circa 1910, what the **** I suppose it is Ally.
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  6. c. Beret. The beret is to be worn so that the black band is horizontal around the head and 25mm above the eyebrows. The surplus material is to be pulled down over the right ear and the badge clearly displayed in a position directly above the left eye. The adjustment ribbon is to be secured with a knot and the surplus ends hidden from sight.
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  7. 1st blokes beret: acceptable. 2nd bloke wants to be Ali but can't pull it off. 3rd bloke spot on, must be ex Reg. 4th bloke: Nobber, looks like a dick, musta served with 9 Sqn.
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  8. I got 3 days C.S.M.s (unrecorded) jankers for NOT having a bow! yes a bow not a knot, ffk sake the only time he ever did ord orficcer due to a lack of ruperts i had to be on guard, he went through us like a demented dervish, filthy instep on boots, one sideboard longer than the other! he even gave the duty dog handler a bollocking because he could see muck down the mutts earhole, berets every man jack to parade at his office with a new un ally beret on the monday, ferking nutter, he seemed surprised when at his leaving do about a month later we all legged it downtown.
  9. The bloke on the right looks like he might have served previously in the French Alpine Chasseurs. I'd post a pic but I don't know how.
  10. RAF trying to be para walts.................

    no badges of rank any any of them, leads me to think. poor snr troop managment.......................
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    That's from RAF dress regs: AP 1358, CHAP 1 Para 0126.

    Each capbadge in the Army has its own dress regs so it would be handy to know which one was bothering the OP. For example the RA (as are, I'm guessing, most) regs state:
    The SCOTS wear a Tam O Shanter so have their capbadge firmly to the left (the surplus 'flap' is always on the right in the British Army, allegedly because of the slope arms position being on the left shoulder) and I can't find any mention of correct positioning in the Rifles' dress regs.
  12. You mean Para attached arms? Most Parachute Regiment soldiers don't have overhangs anymore. It's so 1980's and lands you with extras from the RSM. TBH the worst unit I've seen for it is the Rifles.
  13. I second what Fally states, on HERRICK 10 the Rifles Berets, hair and appearance was a fu**ing disgrace!