Dress Regulations and MTP...............

That glorious Corps, the Royal Signals must be about to implode and get all apoplectic about all this! They’re bad enough left to their own devices. The crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth over stable belts and velcro patched name badges that they have to shell out a couple of pennies for has had to be read to be believed . Chuck this level of ineptitude into the mix and there may be a rather large mushroom cloud over Blandford Forum
At my Tri-Service establishment we've just been ordered to wear sleeves up and jackets tucked in and green web belts so we look like the other two services - none of whom ever wear MTP on a day-to-day basis!

You'd have thought that the CGS has more to trouble his day (and his busy staff and the rest of us, come to that) than this sort of bollox?

And when has one ever tucked in a jacket?
Today, I saw an Officer from one unit bollock two soldiers (of the same cap-badge but another unit) for having shirts out..........they then tucked them in to reveal no belt upon which said Officer told them to "forget it".............the whole situation is frankly, laughable!!
Its a disgrace, I am going to display my incredible leadership skills ( CLM report said it was incredible that I had been recommended for promotion) by having the lap of my shirt/jacket untucked and the front tucked in, badly done "hero sleeves" and my stable belt around my waist (upside down)

Of course I realise this is the RA's normal dress but its nice for them isn't it.
It's only a matter of time before lanyards make a comeback.
Bring back the kilt for day to day duties, so practical!!

I have to say, I really liked barrack dress.

I have yet to see a MTP uniform with a crease, and we all know creased combats make you a more warrior like fighter. The enemy would have cut themselves on my Smock, Combat, for the use of creasing.
In/out, up/down, belt/no belt, ironed/un-ironed, work dress, combats, barrack dress, who cares?

Dress regulations have changed regularly for as long as I can remember without all this dripping and moaning (admittedly we haven't had a mass stage for moaners until recently).

Read Part 1 orders/unit detail/local instructions and dress a per the direction given for the day, it really is that simple :)

After all it's the army and we are supposedly very good at following orders ^~
After all it's the army and we are supposedly very good at following orders
I thought that it was showing initiative that we were supposedly very good at. That and not getting caught disobeying orders.

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