Dress Regs - number 2s

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. been away from the Corps for a few years. What is the current state of play with belt and No.2s? Is it still placcy belt and metal buckle? or did that change years ago and i now look silly? :roll:
  2. You'll look silly anyway :lol:

    Some units are using '95 instead of 2's. Best check with joining unit or Corps RSM (I am assuming you will be dropping in!)

    Sorry I can't help. Just wanted to give you some abuse before DD gets in on the act :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. No matter what type of belt and buckle combo you wear, you'll find that it's incorrect. Personally I strap anything long enough around my waist and stand by to be adjusted accordingly to whatever is the fancy of the moment. :? And then I still manage to get it wrong! :D
  4. 95 instead of twos? is that to camouflage the fact that there is hardly anyone on parade cos they are all deployed?

    and my mummy told me to ignore nasty bullies like you 1771 :)
  5. Green plastic belt (new style) and green metal buckle (as much as it irks me)
  6. And yep, it doesnt fit.. you have to bent the little metal hooks at the side of the jacket. Another cracking dress idea by someone! What's wrong with the old style green belt and the Corps buckle?

    As for giving CR some stick, well that's a given! :?

    <insert insult here>
  7. I didnt realise we had dress regulations :lol:

    Thought no two members of the Corps could be dressed the same! :p
  8. its just the medals combinations that make us all different ;)
  9. Last time I was on parade in No 2's, which was Nov 03, the correct belt was the new green cotton type one. It's like a 58 pattern belt, but without the holes. That said, there were 4 or 5 differing types of belt combination on display! Personally speaking I used to like the old plastic belt with big metal buckle. For those of us below the rank of WO1, the correct belt is sh1t and this really needs looked at.
  10. NO MEDALS on the left, MEDALS on the right,
    Form one line...


    he he he :):):)
  11. i've got six you cheeky f*ck :)
  12. you eat cereals for breakfast don't you? :)
  13. fack yeah, all those cornflakes packets. christmas crackers are great too.

    but why do i never find those shiny new rank slides like everyone else?!?!??!
  14. you eat the wrong shit!!!!!!

    hu ahhhh
  15. maybe i should kiss ass instead of eating cornflakes, that what you're saying?

    p.s. they're crunchy nut cornflakes. trouble is, they taste too good. so i guess i'm a staffy forever ;)